• Students are required to earn three units of credit in mathematics to graduate from Wheeling High School. One credit must be Algebra I and one must include geometry content. 

    Incoming freshmen begin with Algebra or Honors Geometry. As juniors, students either take an additional algebra course or move on to precalculus. Senior capstone courses include Advanced Placement Calculus and Advanced Placement statistics; Dual credit options in College Algebra, College Statistics, College Math: A Human Endeavor, or College Calculus 3/Differential Equations. In addition, students can use their success in the course, Data Modeling, as a bridge to meeting college math entrance requirements.

    Students must earn at least two units of credit in science to qualify for graduation. Most students take biology and chemistry their first two years. Junior and senior year capstone courses can include Physics, Environmental Science, Advanced Biology, and Honors Physics in Healthcare. Dual credit opportunities are also available in Nanoscience, Medical Terminology, Certified Nursing Assistant Training, or Human Anatomy and Physiology. Advanced Placement courses are offered, as well, in Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Physics C and Environmental Science.

    All students are expected to have access to a graphing calculator throughout high school, most commonly the TI-84 or TI-83. School loaner calculators are available.