• Career and technical education prepares both youth and adults for a wide range of careers. These careers may require varying levels of education – from high school and postsecondary certificates to two- and four-year college degrees. Career and technical education is offered in middle schools, high schools, community and technical colleges and other postsecondary institutions. 

    Career and technical education at WHS covers a variety of challenging fields in diverse subject areas which are constantly evolving due to the changing global economy. Some of the career areas that students may enter through career and technical education include: Engineering & Technology (engineering, manufacturing, robotics, aeronautics, civil engineering); Computer Science(iOS App Development, JavaScript, Java); Industrial Trades (automotive technicians, carpenters, electricians); Mass Communication (broadcasting, mass communications, podcasting); Business and Marketing (entrepreneurs, financial officers, arts/graphics designers); Family and Consumer Sciences (management and life skills, executive chefs, hotel managers).

    Career and technical education plays a vital role in helping American business build a competitive workforce for the 21st Century.