• Junior or Senior interested in the military

    District 214 is offering the The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

    The ASVAB is a free test that helps students identify their career interests and work related values. ASVAB scores are used to determine if students are qualified to enlist in the military and to assign an appropriate job in the military.


    Wednesday, November 17, 2021
    8:00 AM – approximately 11:00 AM
    This test is computer-based and self-paced. The test takes an average of 1.5 hours to test, but students will be allowed a max of 3 hours. Students should report back to school after testing.


    Forest View Educational Center Computer Labs, 2121 S. Goebbert Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005.

Upcoming Registrations

  • 8th Grade Testing and High School Enrollment

    Step 1: Complete the High School Enrollment for 8th grade students entering high school in the fall of 2022. High School Enrollment takes place from October 5 - November 11.

    Step 2: Students take PSAT 8/9 Placement Exam

    Test Dates: Saturday, October 30, 2021 or Makeup Exam Saturday, November 6
    Parents will choose a test date when the enrollment is completed.

    Time: 8:00 a.m. - 12:10 p.m. (Plan to arrive by 7:45 a.m.

    Location: High School your student will attend based on your address.
    High School boundaries map: https://www.d214.org/Page/3649

    For more information visit www.d214.org/assessments or contact the Assessment Center at your high school.

    AP Exam Registration (October 1 - November 1)

    AP Exams are for students enrolled in an AP Course.
    Test Dates: May 2 - May 13
    AP exam registration takes place in the fall, even though AP exams will be given in May.

    Cost: Each AP exam costs $96 (AP Seminar/Research $144).
    Students approved for free or reduced lunch will receive a reduced cost during registration.

    If you have questions, contact the Assessment Center.

Fall Registration

  • Wheeling High School
    Registration Checklist and Information


    Check List

    Freshman Residency Verification
    Click Here

    Fee Waiver Application/Free and Reduced Lunch Program (if applicable)
    Click Here

    Current Health Examination, Dental Examination, Immunization Record

    Freshman Health Exam and Immunization Record 
    Freshman Proof of School Dental Examination 
    Senior Immunization Record 
    School Sports Physical 

    Online Registration and Payment - Begins Monday, June 7th, 2021

    Freshman Orientation 

    Friday, August 6th, 2021 - Details to be determined

    Fall Sports Registration - Begins May 3, 2021


    Adress and Hours:

    900 S. Elmhurst, Wheeling, IL 60090
    Website: WHS@d214.org
    Tel: 847-718-7200
    Summer hours:
    7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Monday-Thursday, Closed Friday


    2021-2022 School Year

    Contact Information

    School Calendar

    Helpful Information 

    Freshman Registration Residency Verification Letter (English)

    Incoming Freshman Demographic Verification Form (English)

    Freshman Registration Residency Verification Letter (Spanish)  

    Incoming Freshman Demographic Verification Form (Spanish)

    Residency Verification Letter (English and Spanish)

    Registration Fees - Breakdown (English)

    Registration Fees - Breakdown (Spanish)

    Contact Information

    Registration, Fee Waiver, Free and Reduced Lunch Program, Buses, Fines, Fees and Obligations:
    Main Office: 847-718-7200
    7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  Monday-Friday
    Elvira Weiner (habla español) 
    Adriana Eloiza (habla español) 
    Kristina Westmoreland                        

    Health Exams, Dental Exams and  Immunization Records:
    Jazmin Garcia (habla español): 847-718-7075

    Change of Address, Phone Number, etc:
    Alexis Katsinas: 847-718-7063

    Not Attending WHS, Withdrawal from Schooland Transcripts:
    Linda Sinard:  847-718-7128

    Residency, Freshmen Orientation and Counselor related questions:
    Ana Souchet (habla español): 847-718-7022

    Athletic Registration:
    Shelly Wiegel 


    Joe Wolinski: 847-718-7028


    Parking Permits:
    Ramon Williams (habla español): 847-718-7006

    Jackie Meo (habla español) 

    Absences: Attendance Office (habla español) 


    Helpful Information

    Online Registration:

    Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and economic burden put on many families, the D214 Board of Education has voted to waive the 2021-22 registration fee for all students. Co-Curricular fees will also be waived. Students on Free lunch will have remaining applicable fees waived.  However, any pre-existing fees or obligations can still be made via online payments using a credit or debit card (i.e. MasterCard, Discover or Visa) in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Click here: https://ic.d214.org/campus/portal/township_214.jsp

    Families who have not set up a Parent Portal Account in Infinite Campus will receive an email from D214 regarding how to create a Parent Portal Account in Infinite Campus.  The link below is a screenshot of the letter that parents/guardians should have received. If additional assistance is needed, please call the WHS help desk at 847-718-7165 or send an email to 6565@d214.org for assistance. Screenshot of District Email.png 

    All registration will be done online this year, which will be available on June 7, 2021 at 8 am.  Click here to start: https://www.d214.org/onlineregistration/  You may complete the registration at home (via computer or cell phone) or at any location where Internet access is available. Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the registration process.  You will need the student’s ID number, student’s home school name, phone number, and birth date to log in. Note that payment for Driver’s Education Behind the Wheel is not available online.  Please follow the directions on the website and verify that demographic information, especially your email address, is updated and current. 


    Freshman Students:  If you have not turned in a Birth Certificate and/or proven Residency, you will NOT be able to complete the registration process.  An email will be sent to those families the week of June 16th stating the documents needed and how to submit them. An email confirmation will be sent to you once the documents have been processed.

    Sophomore, Junior and Senior Students:  If you are notified that you have not proven Residency, classes will be dropped beginning July 15th.  An email will be sent to those families the week of June 16th stating the documents needed and how to submit them. An email confirmation will be sent to you once the documents have been processed.

    Forms and Documents must be dropped off In Person at Wheeling High School:

    Please contact Ana Souchet to schedule an appointment at 847-718-7022 or via email at ana.souchet@d214.org

    Free and Reduced Lunch:
    Applications will be available through the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus.  The Free and Reduced Lunch Program assists students in ways beyond getting a healthy meal provided daily.  Students on the Free Lunch Program may also be eligible for the following fee waivers:

    ACT, SAT and AP tests
    D214 test prep registration fees
    College application fees
    Graduation/Senior fees
    Summer school fees



    Fee Waivers: 

    Please take a moment to read the important information about the Fee Waiver Process for the 2021-2022 school year.  We will be using the Free and Reduced Lunch Program application (noted above) on the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus.  

    Additional information about the application and the fee waiver process can be found here:


    Students on the Free and Reduced Lunch program often qualify for need based financial assistance from the federal and state government to help fund the cost of attending college. Please speak with your student’s Counselor or Post-Secondary Counselor for more information.

    Health Exams, Dental Exams, and Immunization Records:

    Freshman Students:  Freshman Students must submit a current physical exam, dental exam, and appropriate immunization records. A physical examination is required for all 9th grade students. The exam must be completed within one year of the first day of school.  (The physical form should be dated on or after August 12th, 2019.) 

    Senior Students:  All 12th grade students shall show proof of having received two doses of MENINGOCOCCAL CONJUGATE VACCINE (Menactra, Menveo, MCV4) prior to entering the 12th grade. The first dose shall have been received on or after the 11th birthday; second dose on or after the 16th birthday. An interval of at least eight weeks after the first dose. Only one dose of the vaccine is required if the first dose is administered when the child is 16 years of age or older.

    You can download and print these medical related forms (see below).
    Once completed you may return by Email to: Jazmin.garcia@d214.org


    Mail to:

    Wheeling High School
    Attention:  Health Office
    900 S. Elmhurst Road
    Wheeling, IL 60090

    All 9th grade students must submit a State of Illinois Proof of School Dental Examination Form that is dated on or after August 11th, 2021. The required physical examination and immunization forms can be found at:

    Certificate of Child Health Exam and Immunization Record (English)


    Certificate of Child Health Exam and Immunization Record (En Español)


    All 9th grade students must submit a State of Illinois Proof of School Dental Examination Form that is dated on or after November 15th, 2021.  The required dental examination form can be found at:

    Proof of School Dental Examination Form (English)


    Proof of School Dental Examination Form (En Español)


    Please note that students will NOT receive their class schedule and NOT be allowed entrance to school in August until required health information is submitted.


    Bus transportation is free for students living beyond 1.5 miles from school. This service is automatic and does not require a separate application. Students not eligible for free transportation may purchase this service ($675 for the 2021-2022 school year and $550 for each additional child) based on seat availability on regular routes. Please contact the Main Office for more information. Students are required to show their ID card to the bus driver starting the second week of school. There are two after school buses for students:  Activity Bus at 4:30 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only, as well as an Athletic Bus at 6:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays. 


    Students who wish to deposit money on their account for buying food in the cafeteria must fill out the designated form found in the Main Office with a check made payable to Wheeling High School.  Money can also be deposited online via the student’s account. Visit the WHS website and follow these steps. 1) Parents 2) Food Services 3)  Online Food Service Pre-pay.

    Student Accident Insurance:

    Township High School District 214 has partnered with 1st Agency to provide parents/guardians with the opportunity to purchase low cost student accident insurance for their children while at school, during football/athletics or around the clock protection. Communication with 1st Agency Insurance is handled directly with the parent/guardian.

    Parking Permits: 

    Parking permit applications for 21-22 have not been made available as of yet.  Parking permits will cost $190 for the 21-22 school year. For further information, please contact Ramon WIlliams at ramon.williams@d214.org (847-718-7005) or Jackie Meo at jackie.meo@d214.org (847-718-7006).  During summer hours, communication via email is preferred.

    Attendance Office:

    The Attendance Office telephone number is 847-718-7001 or 847-718-7002. A parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office any time a student is absent from any class. Please call the day of the absence. Students must sign in when arriving at school after the first period starts, and sign out when leaving the building before the end of last period.

    Cell Phones:

    Students are permitted to use their cell phones in the hallways, commons area, and the cafeteria throughout the school day. Cell phone use is not permitted in the classroom or any designated instructional area. A violation of this policy may result in a referral to the Dean’s Office.



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