Six High School District 214 Schools Recognized Nationally

May 14, 2015 02:30 PM

All six High School District 214 schools were named among the top 50 in the state on the recently released 2015 US News "Best High Schools" list, and all six were named among the nation’s "Most Challenging High Schools" by The Washington Post in April.
Specifically, all six earned a gold or silver national medal in the US News rankings – a feat achieved by only about 13 percent of schools nationally.

Of the more than 21,000 schools studied, District 214’s schools ranked in the top 1,150. In Illinois, of the more than 600 open-enrollment schools reviewed, our six schools ranked in the top 42.

Only 11 percent of high schools nationally made the "Most Challenging" list.

While both lists are focused on student success, they have very different selection criteria. That all our schools earned top marks on both demonstrates that District 214 is consistently among the best in the state and nation.

Such rankings, of course, tell only part of the story of our schools. As educators in District 214, we believe it’s our responsibility to encourage every student to explore academic and co-curricular opportunities that inspire them to find their passion and reach their full potential. We work to ensure our curriculum is relevant beyond high school and meets students where they are intellectually, socially and emotionally; we use career pathways and innovative technology to transform learning and expose students to a wide range of opportunities; and we see graduation not as an endpoint, but as a step toward a successful future.

Rankings like this underscore that vision, and remind us of the outstanding opportunities that await our students in a world we can’t yet imagine. 

For a complete list of rankings by school please click US News and Washington Post.

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