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RMHS Orchesis proudly presents their 2021 Spring Concert, Reverie

Rolling Meadows Orchesis proudly presents their 2021 Spring Concert, Reverie.  The thirty-eight dance company members have been working feverishly over the past three months to produce a dance concert that showcases a variety of styles.  The concepts within these dances will invite audience members to engage in the artistry of movement.  The concert consists of thirteen student-choreographed pieces.  RMHS Orchesis is telling their stories through movement, costumes, and production.  

Performances are on March 4th, 5th, and 6th. Due to capacity limitations, live performance attendance will be limited to Orchesis family members only. A FREE link of the concert will be posted on Twitter and Instagram on Monday, March 8th.

Please tune in to support our 20-21 Orchesis team:
Elise Anferson, Gabriela Avdjiev, Yoanna Avdjiev, Natalia Bielic, Emily Bogdanovski, Lily Bradish, Katherine Crocker, Elizabeth Czulno, Isabella Deblarador, Zoe Dessimoz, JeriLee Dorris, Abigail Draper, Cassidy Fanella, Stella Frangiadakis, Anna Gainulin, Aubrey Gerwen, Emma Rae Gerwen, Abigail Karls, Nathan King, Kristina Klapprodt, Avarie Lipinski, Erin Losselyoung, Emma Marchetti, Katrina Miletic, Kate Murphy, Lauren Naunheimer, Grace Nesbitt, Juila Olson, Caroline Peters, Madison Rentner, Taylor Repak, Jennifer Repsher, Renata Santinello, Mae Scardami, Sophia Tiedge, Jamie Vassos, Sunny Wnek, and Trinity Wozny.

Poster designed by sophomore art student, Samantha Kuo.