Prospect student wins grant to continue advocating for bicycle safety

Prospect High School student Abby Fleig was awarded a $950 grant from a national program to advocate for bicycle safety in the community. 

Fleig, a member of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), applied for the grant from the AdVenture Capital Social Innovation Series for her FCCLA project called “Don’t Be Insane – Protect Your Brain.” 

Fleig, whose mother is a pediatrician, is an advocate for bicycle safety, and her project focuses on the importance of wearing bicycle safety helmets in order to protect children and adults from possible brain injuries.

Fleig’s program uses a honeydew melon and a bicycle helmet to demonstrate the dangers of brain trauma and the effectiveness of bicycle helmets when they are worn correctly and consistently. 

AdVenture Capital is a program that inspires, empowers, and motivates creative, curious, and brave student entrepreneurs who wish to make changes in school and community health and wellness.

She is in the process of bringing her program to various local elementary schools and after-school Children at Play (CAP) programs. She is also purchasing tricycles and a helmet for each child at Prospect’s Little Knights preschool program, so the program can conduct “safety town” classes to promote bicycle safety.

Fleig will also compete in FCCLA’s Illustrated Talk category, which focuses on children and a national project.

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