Industry Partners Saluted for Role in Students' Futures

December 5, 2014 03:12 PM

Since the inception of High School District 214’s Internship Program six years ago, students have logged more than 1.1 million hours of experience with industry partners, receiving hands-on exposure to potential careers. The District formally saluted this year’s partners on Wednesday, December 3, thanking them for their role in inspiring students’ futures.

Meredith Daw, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Student Advancement and Executive Director for Career Advancement at the University of Chicago, delivered the keynote address, recognizing the importance of such programs to post-high school success. Students also supported the event, sharing stories about their internship experiences and helping prepare food for the meal.

More than 600 industry partners currently support District 214 students through internships and microinternships, career nights and classroom experiences -- collectively exposing them to careers ranging from architecture, business, healthcare and information technology to finance, education, manufacturing and engineering. Students leave District 214 with a leg up: In addition to a diploma, they have real internship experience and often college credit and career credentials. The students say the value lies in making their education even more relevant, and helping them prepare for their futures by further fueling their passion for a particular career or helping them recognize other potential career options.

Watch their story, and the story of the Internship Program, here.

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