High School District 214 Presents Capital Projects Recommendations

August 22, 2014 03:20 PM

High School District 214 Superintendent David Schuler presented a list of recommended capital projects improvements to the Board of Education during its meeting on Thursday, August 21.
The recommendations, totaling no more than $45 million, were developed by a District Task Force that took into consideration extensive community feedback, the overall District budget and analysis of each buildings existing infrastructure.
"Due to the fiscal stewardship of the Board, we have the opportunity to identify significant capital projects that will help enhance the teaching and learning environment at each of our schools," said David Schuler, superintendent. "It was imperative from the beginning of this process that the community's voice was heard. We believe that the final recommended projects reflect the community input received and that the projects being recommended will help enhance existing and create new facilities that will best serve our students and the community for many years to come."
Through eight years of cost containment, the District has exceeded its requirement to reserve 50 to 55 percent of the operating budget, allowing for these recommended renovations and additions that will enhance teaching and learning. If approved, construction of the projects will take place in phases over the next three years.
"As a District, we work hard to make fiscally-responsible decisions that are in the best interests of our students, staff, parents and the community," said Board of Education President Bill Dussling. "The Task Force has presented the Board with a comprehensive Capital Projects plan that will help establish better facilities equity among our schools. The Board will review and consider the recommendations in the coming weeks." 
Recommendations include:

  • an expansion and renovation of the Career Life Skills Program space at John Hersey High School
  • a music wing addition at Buffalo Grove High School
  • installation of synthetic turf at the Elk Grove High School stadium
  • a new aquatic facility at Prospect High School
  • auxiliary gym and music additions at Wheeling High School
  • a Black Box Theater addition at Rolling Meadows High School

The Board anticipates further discussion and potential action at an upcoming School Board meeting.
The entire presentation including Task Force recommendations is available by clicking here.

Download the Capital Projects Feasibility Task Force Recommendations by clicking here.

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