High School District 214 Board Approves Revised Capital Improvements List

September 5, 2014 03:16 PM

The High School District 214 Board of Education approved a revised list of capital projects and improvements at its meeting on Thursday, September 4.

The Board first reviewed the proposed projects at its August 21 meeting. Based on subsequent community input, the list was amended to include a Service Learning Center that will give students an opportunity to earn credits through Service Learning classes and complete internships and other hands-on learning focused on community service and nonprofit leadership. The Service Learning Center will replace the proposed Community Help Center.

"This revised proposal will enhance learning opportunities for students to engage as active citizens and leaders in the ever-changing global economy," Superintendent Dave Schuler said.

The full list of capital project recommendations, totaling no more than $45 million, was developed by a District Task Force that took into consideration extensive community feedback, the overall District budget and an analysis of each building’s existing infrastructure.

On Thursday, Superintendent Schuler thanked the members of the Capital Projects Feasibility Task Force and the more than 30 Advisory Group members for their work in developing the plan, and also thanked the community members, students, staff and parents who offered feedback following the Board’s initial review of the capital project recommendations in August.

An updated version of the Task Force recommendations presentation reflecting approved projects is available by clicking here.

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