Hersey robotics team win first and second place in regional competition

The John Hersey High School Robotics team brought home the first and second place awards from the Robot Rumble, a regional robotics competition held in February.

During the competition, the robots fight one another until one can no longer function or until two minutes has elapsed. A panel of three judges determine the winner based on aggressiveness, as well as damage inflicted and incurred on the robots.

“The Hersey robot that won the competition did so with a list of factors that set it above the rest of the competition. First was [the students] commitment to their design. They also carefully designed their robot taking into account how each of the parts of the robot combined to make a working design,” said robotics coach Rich Hyde.

The team also received an award for the Best Engineered Robot.

The Robot Rumble hosts hundreds of high school students from all District 214 schools, as well as schools in Township High School District 211 and Leyden High School District 211.

As part of the competition, students have to design a working 60 to 85 pound robot from scratch. They are only given the electronics that control the robot, as well as the wheels and the gear boxes that make the robot move and power the contraptions on the bots.

Creation of these robots often takes 12 weeks, in which the students put in eight to nine hours per week at the beginning of the process and up to 23 hours a week toward the end.

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