The purpose of this page is to keep students, parents, and guardians up to date on changes in testing due to Covid-19. As District 214 makes decisions about testing, we will update the information on this page.

SAT and ACT National Saturday Exam Updates (week of November 24, 2020)

The spread of Covid-19 has created a number of difficulties for administering open enrollment standardized assessments on national testing dates. Of significant concern is the possible participation by students outside district boundaries from areas with significantly higher infection rates. We cannot limit national testing to only students in our district. Maintaining social distance during testing, lack of available proctors, increased cleaning needs, and other administrative complexities have led to the decision to cancel the following assessments:

  • Saturday, December 5 SAT: Wheeling High School
  • Saturday, December 12 ACT: Elk Grove High School and John Hersey High School
  • Saturday, October 3 SAT: Rolling Meadows High School and Wheeling High School
  • Saturday, September 12 ACT: Buffalo Grove High School
  • Saturday, August 29 SAT: Buffalo Grove High School and John Hersey High School
  • Special accommodation testing for August, September and October ACTs and SATs

Given these circumstances, many colleges and universities are being flexible with their testing requirements, decision deadlines, and waiving standardized test scores from the application process for the high school class of 2021. Please check college websites to get the most accurate information on policies and deadlines.

District 214 understands cancelling these assessments may cause some difficulties for individual students. There is an in-school administration of the SAT scheduled for seniors on September 23 or October 27, 2020.

SAT Updates

ACT Updates


State-sponsored SAT Testing Update (week of September 8, 2020)

Seniors unable to take the cancelled Spring 2020 in-school SAT are eligible to take the state-sponsored SAT exam this fall on September 23 or October 27 in their high school. Registration for the September 23rd test date has closed. Seniors may register for the October 27 test date at Schools will notify students of their official test date and additional details. The assignment is based on the staffing and space availability due to health and safety requirements.
Participation in the state-sponsored SAT (or Dynamic Learning Maps Alternative Assessment, DLT-AA) is a state graduation requirement. Seniors who do not register to take the test in the fall will be required to test in April 2021.
Students who require extended time testing over 2 days will start testing on September 23 and finish the test on September 24 per College Board guidelines.