What is an iPad?;
  • The iPad is a 9.7 inch touch screen tablet PC made by Apple . The iPad is basically a netbook without a keyboard. It has a multi-touch LED-backlit 9.7 x 7.5 inch front display and weighs 1.5 pounds, with a battery that lasts up to ten hours.
Why did the District pick this device?
  • Teachers piloted many different devices to support instructional practices in the classroom. The iPad was selected as the best instructional tool after three years of piloting different devices. 

Intuitive touch interface
Largest selection of instructional apps
Apps that work offline
Flat interface for reading and field work.
Built in camera and microphone
Easily rotate portrait and landscape view
Enterprise control and management
No viruses
10 hour battery life
Providing all of our students within a grade level the same opportunity to access select electronic textbooks as well as the vast array of resources on the web.

Will cases be provided with the iPad? 
  • Yes. Students must keep the iPad in the case provided in order to be covered under the iPad Protection Plan.
Are students allowed to take the iPad home?
  • Yes. Students are encouraged to take the device home and use it as much as possible for their learning.
Will parental controls be put on the device?
  • No. However, content filtering will be provided as required by federal regulations while at school. Student devices will not have the same level of content filtering at home as they do at school. We encourage parents to have honest and open conversations with their students regarding their use of the iPad and the Internet, and to establish reasonable boundaries on the time, manner, and places the device is used at home.
Will the battery last the full 4 years of the student’s high school career?
  • Yes. The iPad battery is designed to maintain the same charging standard over the course of 4 years of daily charging. Students are responsible for charging their iPad each night, so it lasts for school the next day.
Many students already own a Chromebook, Macbook, iPad or a PC laptop.  So why require an iPad at school?
  • Students are able to bring their personal technology to school for use in the classroom at the discretion of the classroom teacher. However, in listening to feedback from staff, it was expressed that a required, standardized, managed device with reliable functionality must be required to guarantee all students have access to a unified technology experience teachers can consistently plan for. Students may still use their own personal technology in the classroom at the discretion of their teachers; however, they are expected to also have their iPad.
Who owns the iPad?
  • While Township High School District 214 owns the device, students pay a Digital Learning Fee that’s included as part of their yearly registration. When a student graduates from District 214, they will be able to take the iPad with them free of charge. The iPad will become theirs and they are encouraged to care for the device as if it was their own during their high school career.

My student already received an iPad for use last year. Will they have the same one next year, or will they receive a new one for next year?

  • Students will use the same iPad each year. If the device is damaged, it will be repaired and then the student will receive the repaired unit.
Teaching and Learning home-icon

Are businesses or colleges using the iPad?
  • These devices are being used in a variety of settings ranging from consumer to educational use and business settings.
How will instruction change?
  • Technology empowers students and teachers to communicate, collaborate, critically think about content, and create products that demonstrate their learning on a level that is not possible without it. With these new capabilities, the primary focus of instruction will shift from content delivery and toward activities that have students researching, discovering, collaborating, and creating.
Will a digital curriculum be in place?
  • The iPad is an instructional tool. While it enables access to a variety of digital materials, the curriculum will remain the same with a combination of digital resources and traditional textbooks. More and more digital curriculum is being developed and will be adopted, as long as it meet the needs of the teachers and students
Is there a Responsible Use Policy students must follow?
  • Yes. District 214 has an Internet Safety Policy that specifies responsible use of technology that must be signed off on by students each year. Students are also taught Digital Citizenship to help them navigate digital resources and to become model digital natives. Freshmen students are required to take an online Digital Literacy Course. Once students complete the course, they will be able to install their own apps.
Will students be expected to use the iPad only for school related activities or can they add other content such as Facebook, etc.?
  • During classroom activities, students should be using the iPad for learning activities. At home, students may use the device in any way the parents feel is appropriate.  We encourage parents to have honest and open conversations with their students regarding their use of the iPad and the Internet, and to establish reasonable boundaries on the time, manner, and places the device is used at home.
Will students be allowed to install their own apps?
  • Yes. If students find apps helpful for their learning, they will have the ability to install the apps. Freshmen students are required to complete an online Digital Literacy Course before they can install apps.
How will students format research papers and other formal works where formatting guidelines are very specific? Will Microsoft Office remain a central feature in District 214 like it is in the business world?
  • Google Docs is used with iPads and has advanced significantly enough to be able to handle the advanced formatting demands of research papers such as headers, headings, page numbers, and tables. Microsoft Office will continue to be available in specialized computer labs at each school.
How will students use advanced computing applications such as CAD and Graphics?
  • While the iPad can be used successfully for many technology projects, a few specialized labs across the district will remain open for highly specialized technology-based classes.
Will students still use paper books?
  • Feedback from students in our pilots have indicated mixed preferences regarding paper vs. digital textbooks. Students will be provided with the learning materials that will be best for each student’s learning. Our goal is to prepare students to be successful with textbooks in both print and digital format, so it is likely that students will begin to use a mix of formats in their classes.
Can students take notes and annotate in a digital version of textbooks?
  • It depends on the interface of the digital textbook, which can vary greatly between publishers. The Instructional Materials Adoption Committee is actively exploring the best instructional materials for teachers and students. Most companies do offer some kind of highlighting and annotation feature in their digital textbooks; however, some companies do not. 
Can the iPad enable a greater variety of classes with different content and levels?  
  • There are many new capabilities for personalized learning made possible by the iPad. We are excited for their potential, but also recognize that success with 1:1 technology requires an engaged, supported school community and a robust professional development program. Technology use continues grow at a rapid pace. District 214 follows the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) model, which provides opportunities to effectively enhance instructional practices when using an iPad.
How do you expect teachers to monitor what students do with the iPads during class?
  • The district has Mobile Device Platform (MDM). The MDM allows teachers to “lock” students into a particular app while in the classroom, so they do not get off task.
Will students collaborate across campuses? Will students and teachers collaborate with other 1:1 schools around the world?
  • It is currently possible using video technology, and we have had several classes, clubs, and committees increase collaboration as a result.
Will it be possible for a student to attend a class remotely using their iPad, if they are away from campus?
  • Yes. The iPad allows students to participate in the classroom as long as they have Internet access at home. Some area districts have experimented with “remote learning days” during recent snow storms. Students will be able to have 24/7 access to their learning.
What if we can’t afford Internet access at home?
  • District 214 has a program for students to receive a free Wi-Fi hotspot if they qualify. Students should contact their counselor or Helpdesk for more information.
How are students trained on apps?
  • Freshmen students are required to take an online Digital Literacy Course. They are taught responsible use of technology along with how to navigate apps used in the District. For all other students, they have been taught how to use apps in their individual classrooms.
Can I print my assignments from the iPad?
  • No. Students use the Schoology Learning Management System to turn in assignments. If a teacher requires a hard copy, students can log into their Google account from a computer in the school and print a copy. 
  • Protection Plan and Support
Protection Plan and Support home-icon
Do I have to pay a fee to protect my iPad?
  • No. iPad protection is included in the annual Digital Learning Fee, which is part of Fall Registration.
What is included in the iPad Protection Plan?
  • You can find all of the details here: http://www.d214.org/departments/ipad-resources/ .
Is there a deductible if the iPad is damaged?
  • Yes. There is an escalating deductible per the chart below:
Claim D214 Damage/Repair Deductible D214 Stolen Deductible
1 $35 $125
2 $60 Claim requires a police report to be filed
3 $70


What happens if a student breaks or loses a device, or it is stolen?
  • In the case of damage, the student should bring their iPad to the Helpdesk to be processed for repair and check out a loaner device. If an iPad is stolen, the student must provide a police report to the Helpdesk to be covered under the protection plan. A lost device is not covered under the Protection Plan and the student is responsible for the full cost of replacement. In the event an iPad is lost or stolen, the District will make the iPad unusable until it is returned. Students are responsible for damage, loss, or theft of their iPad and should keep them secured in a safe place at all times when not in use. 
Will there be a loaner device available to students if their device is being repaired?
  • If a student’s device is being repaired, the student will be able to borrow a device to access course materials during the time of the repair. Once the repair is completed, the student will receive their original iPad back. There will be a limited number of devices available for students to borrow in case their device is being repaired or replaced. 
Will the iPad be labeled, or marked, in a way that would make it easy for someone to return a lost device?
  • iPads will be outfitted with an asset tag that can be scanned to determine the owner of the device. It is also engraved with the District’s information. If someone were to scratch off this information, the iPad can still be tracked by the serial number associated with the device.
Does District 214 provide a loaner to students who forgot to bring theirs to school? If so, what incentive do students have for them to bring their iPad to school?
  • Yes. There are a limited number of loaner devices available. Students who frequently forget their devices will lose the privilege of borrowing loaner devices. Loaner devices that are not returned will be made unusable until they are returned. Students can also be assessed the cost of the device until it’s returned.
What if my device is damaged beyond repair?
  • The device is covered under the conditions of the Protection Plan. If it is found that the student was negligent, damage was intentional or the device was removed from its case, the full price of the iPad can be assessed to the student for payment. The current cost of the device with case and accessories is $419. For this reason, students are strongly encouraged to take care of the device as if it was their own.
What if the iPad is not charged when I come to school?
  • The iPad is the primary learning tool. Students should charge their device each night before coming to school. If it is not, the schools are equipped with charging stations.
What happens if I lose my charger and charging cord?
  • Lost or damaged chargers and cords are not covered under the Protection Plan. Replacements can be purchased at the school store or the Helpdesk.
How can I get help with the iPad if I need it?
  • The Helpdesk at the school is there to assist you.
What happens if I leave District 214 before my senior year? Will I still be able to keep my iPad?
  • No. Only students that remain in District 214 for a full 4 years will be able to take the device with them when they graduate. The Digital Learning Fee is a yearly fee that goes towards the iPad Protection Plan, technical support, learning apps and e-books. 
  • Infrastructure and Technical

Infrastructure and Technical home-icon
Can each school handle the amount of devices connecting to the wireless network at any given time?
  • Yes. The District has kept up with advancements in wireless access and has a robust network that can handle thousands of devices at any given time.
Does the District have enough Internet bandwidth to support thousands of iPads?
  • Yes. The Technology Services department monitors bandwidth regularly. If there is a need for more bandwidth, the District will increase as needed to support Teaching and Learning.
What will the iPad connect to for wireless access?
  • Students will connect their iPad to the 214Student Wi-Fi network.
Will iPads be able to be charged at the school?
  • There are a limited amount of charging stations at the schools. Students should charge their device each night before coming to school.
Why do apps keep reappearing when I delete them?
  • There is a standard set of apps being used by the District. If you elect to delete one of these apps, it will reappear again. The District manages these app, so students have the apps needed for instruction.