Who's Who in Food Services?

Below are the people who manage the Food Services operations in District 214 as well as their phone numbers and email addresses. The Food and Nutrition Services Department welcomes questions, comments, and suggestions so don't hesitate to reach out! 

Christine Frole, R.D., SNS Director of Food and Nutrition Services (847) 718-7638 christine.frole@d214.org
Nicole D'Ugo

School Nutrition Manager

Buffalo Grove High School

(847) 718-4060 nicole.dugo@d214.org
Kathy Benn

School Nutrition Manager

Elk Grove High School

(847) 718-4439 kathy.benn@d214.org
Nancy Autenrieth

School Nutrition Supervisor

Forest View Educational Center

(847) 718-7642 nancy.autenriet@d214.org
Annette Terzic

School Nutrition Manager

John Hersey High School

(847) 718-4848 annette.terzic@d214.org
Donna Rogers

School Nutrition Manager

Prospect High School

(847) 718-5261 donna.rogers@d214.org
Svetla Bojanova

School Nutrition Manager

Rolling Meadows High School

(847) 718-5695 svetla.bojanova@d214.org
Maureen Mullane

School Nutrition Manager

Wheeling High School

(847) 718-7068 maureen.mullane@d214.org
Loni Fathke District Record Clerk (847) 718-7640 loni.fathke@d214.org