For detailed information contact: Cathy Johnson, Associate Superintendent for Finance and Operations, at 847-718-7610

AcrobatPDF36x36 2014-15 Budget  

 2013-14 Budget  

 2012-13 Budget 

 2011-12 Budget   

 2010-11 Budget   


Meritorious Budget

Creation of the Meritorious Budget document is optional for Township High School District 214. The budget document is easy to understand, increases credibility, provides clarity and transparency on how funds are generated and allocated, and offers an opportunity to communicate future budget concerns and challenges to our staff, parents, students and community members.

AcrobatPDF36x36 2014-15 Meritorious Budget

AcrobatPDF36x36 2013-14 Meritorious Budget

AcrobatPDF36x36 2012-13 Meritorious Budget

AcrobatPDF36x36 2011-12 Meritorious Budget

AcrobatPDF36x36 2010-11 Meritorious Budget