ASVAB helps students to:

  • Identify interests, skills, and work related values
  • Match their interests and skills with occupations
  • Learn how to get information about careers
  • Develop career decision-making skillls

ASVAB Testing Details:

Target Population: The ASVAB test is generally taken by 11th and 12th grade students who wish to investigate more specific careers.  The ASVAB is sponsored by the Armed Services.

Test Date: Mid November

Register for the ASVAB in the Assessment Center at your high school.

District 214 does release the ASVAB scores to military recruiters. Any parent/guardian who wishes such information not be released should contact the student services department per district policy.  The scores of students for whom such a request has been submitted will not be provided to military recruiters.  

For more information, pick up an ASVAB Student & Parent Guide in the Assessment Center.

Questions?  Call the toll-free number of the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command: 1-800-323-0513. 

ASVAB Program