Township High School Dist. 214 recently announced its Instructional Technology Innovation That Works Program has been selected as an Apple Distinguished Program for the 2012-13 school year. The program was chosen for its teacher driven, student focused iPad deployment. This year, the Instructional Technology Innovation That Works Program joins 42 programs Apple is recognizing nationwide as exemplary learning environments. The Apple Distinguished Program designation is reserved for programs that integrate Apple computer technology in education and meet the five best practices of visionary leadership, innovative learning and teaching, ongoing professional learning, compelling evidence of success, and a flexible learning environment. "The Instructional Technology Innovation That Works Program demonstrates the Apple vision, which supports the way students live and how they want to learn," Dist. 214 Director of Technology Services Keith Bockwoldt said. "The program exemplifies collaboration, academic success, and innovation. Our primary mission is to help all students learn the skills, acquire the knowledge, and develop the behaviors necessary for them to reach their full potential as citizens who meet the challenges of a changing society." According to district officials, the program is based on how instruction is steering iPad usage in Dist. 214. Teachers submit proposals and present how the iPad will transform the classroom-learning environment. The initiatives are approved based on the differentiation of instructional delivery and the impact on student learning.
District officials said the program is assisting Dist. 214 achieve its three non-negotiable goals: to increase ACT scores, decrease student failures, and increase the number of students who take and pass Advanced Placement (AP) courses. An Apple representative presented Dist. 214 with the Apple Distinguished Program award last month.


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