Advanced Placement (AP) Tests are offered for students who have pursued college-level AP courses. Certain score levels on tests may allow students to receive advanced placement and/or credit upon entering college. The AP test is created by the College Board.

Target Population:  Students enrolled in AP courses (optional).  Fee:  approximately $94 for each test

Dates:  May 4-15, 2020 Location: Forest View Educational Center, Building A for Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove Wheeling High Schools.

Location: Most AP Testing will take place at the student's high school. Some AP exams such as AP Chinese Language and AP Japanese Language are not available at all high schools. Students may have to test at another school in District 214.

Registration: Online Registration and Payment for AP Exams will be available from October 1 to October 22. Contact the Assessment Center at your high school for specific deadline dates. A $40 late fee will be charged for any students who do not meet the fall registration deadlines.

This year College Board is charging a $40 cancellation fee per AP test for students who decide not to take an AP exam or who do not show up to take the AP exam. Due to this $40 charge and administration costs, you will not receive a full refund if a test is cancelled after November 15.

College Board's AP Test Information

College Board's AP Bulletin 2019-20 - Not available yet. Will be posted when available from College Board.

College Board's 2020 AP Testing Calendar


Contact your high school for paper registration forms, refund requests, and test-day general information.