A challenge ropes course is a series of individual and group physical challenges that require a combination of teamwork, skills and individual commitment. Constructed of rope, cables, and wood, our course is located in the fieldhouse at the Forest View Educational Center.

High Ropes Courses are designed to challenge and inspire those who use them to develop problem solving skills, facilitate social interaction, increase self esteem, manage risk taking, and promote wellness.

The primary goals of the challenge course include:

  1. Achieving individual and group goals.
  2. Increasing a sense of personal confidence.
  3. Having fun!

Course Description and Enrollment Agreement

Every participant on the Challenge Course must complete a Course Description and Enrollment Agreement form. A parent or guradian must sign and initial the form for children under age 18.

AcrobatPDF36x36 Course Description and Enrollment Agreement Form

Scheduling Information

The District 214 Indoor High Ropes Course, located on court four at the Forest View Educational Center Fieldhouse, is open to all students and staff of District 214, and to community and corporate groups, as well. Groups are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. 

For more information, or to schedule your group, please email Michael Rusniak, Ropes Course Coordinator, at michael.rusniak@d214.org