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As new information concerning COVID-19 and its effect on District 214 becomes available, we will post it on this site. Please also find below links to COVID-19 information from federal, state and local public health agencies.

Current status and Updates: Remote instruction begins Monday, March 30.

On March 20, 2020, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker issued a "Stay-at-home" directive for all state residents, effective as of 5 p.m., March 21, and extending through at least April 7. As one element of this directive, all public and private schools in Illinois will remain closed through at least April 7, 2020. In District 214, teachers and students will begin a period of remote instruction. 

Remote Instruction Information for Parents


Under the "Archived Communications" section below, please see Associate Superintendent Dr. Lazaro Lopez's March 26 update announcing that remote instruction for students will begin on Monday, March 30. Dr. Lopez's letter also links to additional details on how District 214 administrators, teachers and staff will be serving and supporting students during this time.

  • The closing of school from March 17 through March 20 were considered "Act of God" days, which, as defined by the Illinois State Board of Education, reflect circumstances beyond a school district's control. Schools are not required to make up these days after the regular school year ends.
  • Spring break is March 23 through March 27
  • During the week of March 23, the Illinois State Board of Education will update its guidance to all districts concerning the extended closings. All districts, including District 214, will utilize this time to further refine remote learning opportunities for students. As additional information becomes available, District 214 will share details with students and parents. 

Archived D214 communications to parents:

March 26 update:
Letter from Dr. Lopez announcing that remote instruction for students will begin on Monday, March 30, and that this instruction will focus on social-emotional support for students and opportunities for students to improve academic standings. This letter also includes a link to a remote instruction guide for parents.

March 22 update: 

Letter from Dr. Schuler concerning academic and social emotional support; Internet access; food distribution, summer activities and district strategic initiatives.

March 20 update:
Letter from Dr. Schuler concerning Gov. Pritzker's extension of school closings through April 7.

March 13 update: 
Letter from Dr. Schuler announcing non-attendance days through spring break.

March 12 update:
Letter from Dr. Schuler with updates on e-Learning plans; events, practices, competitions; internships; cleaning and sanitizing and precautionary measures.

March 3 update:
Letter from Dr. Schuler re: out-of-country trips

Additional Resources:

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