No Pass/No Play and Eligibility Standards

The Illinois School Code requires high school districts to establish and enforce a No Pass/No Play Policy that sets an academic standard for participation in any school-sponsored or school-supported co-curricular athletics and activities.

Illinois School Code (10-20.30)
The school board of each school district that maintains any of grades 9 through 12 shall establish, implement, and enforce a uniform and consistent policy under which a student in any of those grades who fails to maintain a specified minimum grade point average or a specified minimum grade in each course in which the student is enrolled or both is suspended from further participation in any school-sponsored or school-supported athletic or extracurricular activities for a specified period or until a specified minimum grade point average or minimum grade or both are earned by the student.

The Township High School District Board of Education complied with the above School Code mandate by adopting Board Policy 6:190. This policy adopts the IHSA athletic eligibility standard as the "No Pass/No Play" standard that must be met for participation in any school-sponsored or school-supported co-curricular athletics and activities.


District 214 Board Policy 6:190

Selection of members or participants is at the discretion of the teachers, sponsors, or coaches, provided that the selection criteria conform to the District’s policies and procedures. Participation in co-curricular activities is dependent upon course selection and successful progress in those courses. In order to be eligible to participate in any school-sponsored or school-supported athletic or co-curricular activity, a student must satisfy the Illinois High School Association's scholastic standing requirements. Any student-participant failing to meet these academic criteria shall be suspended from the activity until the specified academic criteria are met.


Illinois High School Association - Scholastic Standing (3.020)

3.021 They shall be doing passing work in at least twenty five (25) credit hours of high school work per week, i.e., passing at least 2.0 units of credit per semester (PE=0.25 credit and Driver Education Classroom= 0.25 credit).

3.022 They shall, unless they are entering high school for the first time, have credit on the school records for twenty five (25) credit hours of high school work for the previous semester. Such work shall have been completed in the semester for which credit is granted or in a recognized summer school program which has been approved by the Board of Education and for which graduation credit is received.

3.024 Passing work shall be defined as work of such a grade that if on any given date a student would transfer to another school; passing grades for the course would immediately be certified on the student's transcript to the school to which the student transfers.

3.025 Work taken in junior college, college, university, or by correspondence may be accepted toward meeting the requirements of this Section provided it is granted credit toward graduation from high school by the local Board of Education.

District 214 Implementation Procedures

1. Based on the integration of the No Pass/No Play provisions of the School Code, Board Policy 6:190, the IHSA eligibility criteria, and the District 214 Co-curricular Code; each school will implement the following general procedures for complying with the No Pass/No Play mandate.

These procedures will apply to each student group listed below.


Girls Badminton

Boys Baseball

Girls and Boys Basketball

Girls Bowling

Competitive Cheer

Competitive Dance

Girls and Boys Cross Country


Girls and Boys Golf

Girls and Boys Gymnastics

Girls and Boys Soccer

Girls and Boys Swimming and Diving

Girls Softball

Girls and Boys Tennis

Girls and Boys Track and Field

Girls and Boys Volleyball

Girls and Boys Water Polo




Bass Fishing Team

Chess Team


Debate Team

Drill Team

School Art Performance/Plays/Musicals

Group/Dramatic Interpretation – Speech

Individual Events/Speech Team

Jazz Band Interscholastic Competition

IHSA Journalism

Marching Band Interscholastic Competition

Math Team

Orchesis Performance

Robotics Team

Scholastic Bowl Team

Science Olympiad Team

Show Choir Interscholastic Competition

Sideline Cheerleading

Sideline Pompons

Student Government/Class Board Officers




* And any new or additional activities run under the District’s auspices.


2. The eligibility of all students involved in the above listed athletics and activities is monitored in terms of the IHSA eligibility standards.

3. Coaches and activity sponsors will accurately monitor the eligibility of each participating student in accord with Board Policy 6:190.

4. The listed co-curricular activities include academic courses that are scheduled as classes during the regularly scheduled school day and include co-curricular activities consisting of performances/competitions occurring outside the master schedule of approved courses.

Students have a property right to participate in the graded component(s) of such activities. The graded components are, therefore, not subject to the provisions of the No Pass/No Play policy or the Co-curricular Code. However, student participation in the non-graded co-curricular component of such activities is a privilege and is, therefore, subject to the provisions of the No Pass/No Play policy and the Co-curricular Code.

Coaches/Sponsors of integrated academic and co-curricular activities will identify and report to the assistant principal for student activities (APSA) at the beginning of the school year those co-curricular activities that are not graded and that are, therefore, subject to the provisions of No Pass/No Play, eligibility, and Co-curricular Code policies.




Activity Transcripts

The transcript is an official document and its integrity must be protected by establishing procedures that insure that the information recorded on the transcript is accurate and complete. Consequently, only the activities covered by the No Pass/No Play policy, monitored by the eligibility system, and subject to the provisions of the Co-curricular Code will be recorded in the term record on the student's transcript. The district/school is not responsible for documenting, in any way, a student's participation in any other activities.

The following procedures for managing the activity transcript are consistent with and supported by the procedures for managing the No Pass/No Play provision of the school code as it is applies to student participation in designated co-curricular activities.

1. The APSA will create a list of co-curricular activities covered by the district's No Pass/No Play policy and to be included in the eligibility system and transcript record.

The list is used districtwide.

  • Only the assistant principals for student activities can add to or delete from the list. Proposals for adding to, deleting from or otherwise revising the district activity list are submitted to and reviewed by the assistant principal for student services.
  • Common names for similar activities will be used wherever possible and the name used will communicate the nature of the activity as clearly as possible to a universal audience. Accordingly, it is possible that the name of the activity recorded on the transcript will not be the same as the name used at the school.

2. The data processing operator/registrar at each school manages the process of posting activity information into the term records of students who participate in designated co-curricular activities.

  • Only the data processing operator or registrar may enter activity information into the District 214 database.
  • Only approved No Pass/No Play activities may be documented in the term record of a student.

3. The district's eligibility system is used to (1) monitor the eligibility of each student participating in an activity covered by the No Pass/No Play and (2) document a student's participation in any of these activities on his/her transcript.

  • Only complete seasons (athletics) or regular participation (activities) are recorded on the activity transcript.
  • The coach/sponsor is responsible for the accuracy of the eligibility list and for monitoring the eligibility of each participant. Without exception, ineligible students are immediately suspended from participation in all designated activities until they regain eligibility.
  • The athletic/activity clerk submits the final eligibility lists for each included activity to the data processing operator/registrar at the end of the season.
  • Participation in approved activities is documented in the term that includes the conclusion of the season/event schedule.