Upward Bound was created with the intent to give every District 214 student an opportunity to attend, at least once. In fact, it is a goal of the Upward Bound staff to have every District 214 student participate in at least one session over the course of a student’s career in District 214.  The experience is a once in a lifetime chance to learn life skills and bond with fellow peers and faculty from District 214. Because it it’s a school-sponsored trip, the cost is EXTREMELY reasonable at only $175.
Upward Bound has had such great reviews, often times our attendees are veterans and enjoy attending Upward Bound more than once. Yes, parents, school, homework, drama…it all gets stressful, so why not let nature relax you at an exciting, fun filled, Upward Bound getaway? Enjoy beautiful nature walks, hiking, canoeing, and so much more.
Just think of all the super cool Facebook pictures you’ll have!  So, don’t sit at home and watch some boring re-runs of Oprah and Judge Judy, come along with us this summer on a D214 Upward Bound Trip!