06191/06192 Practical Architectural Construction (PAC)

PAC Application – 2018/19 – Application Deadline 2/1/2018 

Program Contact
Mr. Marc Sears – marc.sears@d214.org – 847-815-1797

Grades 11-12; 2.0 credit

This course provides actual on-site work experience in areas related to building trades and construction. Students have the opportunity to work with the tools of carpentry and related trades while building a single-family residence on a chosen job site in the district. This course is part of the District 214 dual credit program. Upon successful completion of the first year of the course, and the submission of a Harper College application students will receive Harper College MNT 115 credit. Upon successful completion of the second year of the course, and the submission of a Harper College application, students will receive Harper College MNT 215 credit.

PAC History

The PAC program began in the 1971 as a 6-week summer school program.  A classroom/lab based course was held at Forest View High School.  Students learned construction concepts and applications through lab based prefabrication projects.  During the first two years of the program, students prefabricated house sections for homes which were built during the 6-week summer program.  Twelve students spent the summer constructing these homes in the Abbey Springs development on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.

During the next ten years the PAC program operated in the same format in the development of the Sunrise Lake Camp in Bartlett.  12 to 15 students participated in yearly summer programs during this time, as they built many of the buildings, including the main lodge at this site.  The Sunrise Lake Camp has been used by many of our programs in High School District 214. 

In 1985, the PAC program emerged as a home construction program in which students built one single family home every two years.  25 to 30 students were enrolled for two semesters to build one average size home (1800 sq. ft).  During the 1992-93 school year the PAC program increased student enrollments and began building one home each school year. The current program accommodates 40-50 high school junior and senior students who build one larger home (2,000-3,000 sq. ft) each school year.  The students, working under the constant supervision of our program instructors, are involved with building the home from foundation to finished product.  During this process, the students gain experience in all phases of the related construction trades.  Local subcontractors are solicited for installation of the concrete, heating, plumbing, electric, and other trades in each home.

The PAC program has been in existence for 30 years. Since the start of the program, students have constructed several District Projects (storage buildings, stadium press boxes, etc.) and 24 single family homes located throughout our District 214 attendance area, to include: Mt. Prospect, Prospect Heights, Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Rolling Meadows, and Arlington Heights.

The following homes have been constructed during the past 30 years:

1985-1987       Central Rd. (Rt. 12 & Rand), Mt. Prospect
1987-1990       District 214 building projects
1990-1992       Checker Rd., Buffalo Grove
1992-1996       4 Homes on Reef Court, Wheeling
1996-1997       Woodview Dr., Wheeling
1997-1998       1113 Elmhurst Rd., Wheeling
1998-1999       1115 Elmhurst Rd., Wheeling
1999-2000       1117 Elmhurst Rd., Wheeling
2000-2001       641 N. Wilke Rd, Arlington Heights
2001-2002       709 N. Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights
2002-2003       615 W. Vine St., Arlington Heights
2003-2004       411 S. Wilke Road, Arlington Heights
2004-2005       957 Old Arlington Ct., Buffalo Grove
2005-2006       2206 Wing Street, Rolling Meadows
2006-2007       261 9th Street, Wheeling
2007-2008       203 W. Euclid, Mt. Prospect
2008-2009       511 Russell Road, Wheeling
2009-2010       517 Russell Road, Wheeling
2010-2011       917 Edward Street, Wheeling
2011-2012       2702 Sigwalt Street, Rolling Meadows
2012-2014      809 Camp McDonald, Prospect Heights;
                       PHS Softball Storage Building/Pressbox; 
                       WHS Softball Storage Building/Pressbox;
                       RMHS concessions and ticket booths
2014-2016      399 Council Trail, Arlington Heights

Current and future projects:

2016-2017     397 Council Trail, Arlington Heights
2017-2018     602 S. Dryden, Arlington Heights