Micro Internship: Open to Juniors and Seniors who complete 30 hours during a semester (During school or after school/weekends). This is a one-semester course, unpaid experience, which is meant to aide in the career exploration process.

Traditional Internship: Open to Juniors or Seniors during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters. Students complete on average 5-10 hours a week over a period of 16 weeks during the school year, and on average 15 hours a week over a period of 6 weeks for the summer semester. This is usually an unpaid external experience, but it is a credit bearing course.

Our Students: District 214 students, your potential interns, have taken initiative to take relevant coursework, attend district career events to engage with professionals to aid in the development of their identified career path. Some students are earning dual credit, meaning that the courses they are taking in high school are also earning them college credit. The skills that our interns are demonstrating are said to be equivalent to the skills of college students.

What is an Intern?
An intern is a student learner that is seeking a more experiential learning environment. Whether, it is taking a course or listening to a professional share expertise about his or her field, the intern has an interest in the exploration of a particular field of study. The goal of the district’s program is to aid in career exploration and further enhance a student’s skill set, as well as develop their professional identity.

How to use an Intern?
As an Industry Partner/Site Supervisor you are tasked with providing guidance to a student, helping a student to enhance his or her skill set, and assisting them in developing their professional identity. Working side-by-side with a student while allowing them to assist you with a project, having them create a marketing flyer, or letting them come up with possible ways to fix a problem are just a few ways to use your intern.

What not to do with your Intern?
An intern is not there to replace a regular position. Our students come with a wide range of skills, some at the college level. Allow students to showcase their skills by letting them work with you and your team. Although basic office organization is necessary at times, the entire internship experience should not be the student filing papers, emptying garbage cans and cleaning machines.

Interested in hosting an Intern?
Please complete this brief survey and a District Career Advisor will contact you.

Our program is customizable depending on student interests and industry partner needs. This is to provide a brief overview of the District Internship Program.