09870 District Internship Program

Program Contact
Mr. Scott Gustafson - scott.gustafson@d214.org or careerdiscovery@d214.org, 847-718-7867

This program is designed to provide Junior and Senior students with authentic, relevant and meaningful learning experiences in the local community which assist the student with post-secondary decision making.

  • The Internship is a NON-PAID, one-semester course (.5 credit)
  • Students can earn a letter grade (A = 5.0) or take the course Pass/No credit
  • The Internship is included on high school transcripts.
  • Students submit assignments and their participation is monitored and evaluated by an instructor.
  • Transportation is sometimes available upon request.

Internship Requirements:

  1. Meet with School Counselor to discuss self-identified career goals. 
  2. Students must be able to intern 5-10 hours per week. (During school or after school/weekends.)
    Consider your schedule and your after school activities prior to applying for admission to this program.
  3. School attendance and discipline records must reflect mature responsibility and behavior.
  4. Internet access is necessary for ongoing communication and submitting online assignments. 
    (This includes a commitment to regularly check school-issued @stu.d214 e-mail.)

Criteria strongly considered for Acceptance:
    1.  Past or current enrollment in Career Area Pathway Courses.
    2.  Past or current enrollment in Related Electives.
    3.  Career-Related Activities and/or Experiences

See the D214 Career Pathways booklet for details.
An Internship Application is considered complete when ALL forms below have been completed and submitted to careerdiscovery@d214.org.

AcrobatPDF36x36 Student Application (Completed and submitted by student)

AcrobatPDF36x36 Parent Consent (Forwarded to parent from student, completed and submitted by parent) 

AcrobatPDF36x36 Parent Consent in Spanish (Forwarded to parent from student, completed and submitted by parent)


AcrobatPDF36x36 Teacher Recommendation 1 (Forwarded to teacher from student, completed and submitted by teacher) 

AcrobatPDF36x36 Teacher Recommendation 2 (Forwarded to teacher from student, completed and submitted by teacher)

2018/2019 Application Deadlines:

October 15 for Spring Semester Placement
April 15 for Fall Semester Placement

Once these deadlines have passed, interviews will be scheduled and take place at school when all forms have been received. 

Due to the customization and individualization that's involved with securing each internship placement, acceptance into the program does not guarantee placement.