Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, Driver Education is an elective program available to District 214 students.  The following information applies to students beginning Driver Education in the Fall 2018 semester or later.

Driver education classroom (09650) and behind the wheel (09660) are elective courses for District 214 students.  Completion of Driver Education through District 214 or a commercial driver education program are required for any person under age 18 to operate a motor vehicle. A credit of 0.25 unit is earned for passing the classroom portion of Driver Education.  No credit is earned for the laboratory portion of the course.

To be eligible for enrollment in driver education, all public or private school students must have received a passing grade in at least eight courses during the previous two high school semesters.  District 214 students must have earned a minimum of 3.5 units of academic credit toward meeting the district's graduation requirement in the combination of the two consecutive semesters prior to enrollment to be eligible to register for driver education lab (09660).  All credit-bearing courses offered in District 214 qualify (8th grade courses cannot be used for eligibility). The eight-course eligibility rule also applies to commercial driving school, who MUST VERIFY with the high school that the student has met this requirement, before issuing a blue slip.

There are a variety of options available for students who wish to complete a driver education program at District 214.

  • During the School Day

Driver education is delivered in a year-long class at the student’s home school.  The class is embedded within a study hall.  In addition to benefiting from a study hall, students can complete all driver education classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel requirements during this period. Students can complete driver education by the end of the school year.

  • After School

Driver education will be delivered for one quarter for two to three hours each day after school. Students can complete driver education in one quarter.  

  • Summer School

Driver education will be delivered over six weeks for two and half hours per day during summer school.   Students can complete driver education by the end of the six weeks.

Students must be fifteen years old by the first day of the class option selected.  The cost for each option is $350.  Students should contact their school counselor if they have any questions regarding which option will best meet their individual course schedule.

Additional questions about driver education options should be directed to the Driver Education Division Head at the student’s home school.