Technology Tutorials
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Atomic Learning
Web-based Subscription Tutorials
(Look under Technology in the password subject list)

Eliminate Safari Keychain Message
Eliminate Firefox open Error Message

Microsoft Excel
Data Filtering (sort/select)
Create a Chart/Graph
Create a Chart in PowerPoint or WORD
Mail Merge
Separate Cell Data (parsing)
Text Wrap (fitting text in a cell)

Microsoft PowerPoint
Picture as Slide Background
Create a Chart in PowerPoint or WORD
Microsoft WORD
Adding Links and Anchors
Brochure Directions (this is a WORD brochure document)
Blank Brochure Template (this is a WORD document)
Print a Brochure (directions)
Font, Set Default (for all new documents)
Header/Footer, Page Number (insert into document)
Display Line Numbers (in the document margin)
Margins, Set Size
Hanging Indent (apply to document)
Readability Statistics Feature (turn on)
Text Boundaries (show in document)
Word Count (display, show in document)

Keyboard Commands (shortcuts)
Mail Merge

Graphic Elements:
Line, Insert (horizontal, dotted, draw)
Pictures (insert, rotate, move in a document)
Autoshapes, Insert

Equation Editor
Insert Special Symbols (into a document)

AutoCorrect (automatic find/replace)
AutoFormat (automatic text changes/corrections)
Automatic Bullets and Numbering
Change Text Case (uppercase/lowercase)