WORD: Insert Special Symbols/Fractions
To insert a symbol in the current document:

1. Open a Word document. Click on the page where you want to insert the symbol.

2. From the menu bar, click Insert -- Symbol.

3. Be sure the Symbols tab is selected at the top of the Symbol window (characters are also available under the Special Characters
    Click the up/down arrow button next to the Font box to see the symbol choices for each available font.
symbol symbolwindow

4. Click to select the symbol you would like to insert in the document and then click the Insert button (or double click the symbol).

5. To insert a fraction, type a number followed by the slash and another number.
    When you type a space the fraction will automaticaly appear in the correct format.
    To turn this feature off, place your mouse just under the fraction and the AutoCorrect Options button will appear. 
    Click the small black arrow and then click Stop Automatically Creating Fractions from the dropdown menu.