WORD: Keyboard Shortcut Commands for Apple Computers
Shortcut Key Command What it Does
  File Commands:
apple N Create a new file
apple O Open an existing file
apple S Save file under existing name
apple P Print file
    Editing Commands:
apple A Highlight (select) entire document
apple C Copy
apple V Paste
apple X Cut
apple F Find text
apple Backspace Delete word to left of cursor
apple Delete Delete word to right of cursor
    Formatting Commands:
apple Enter Insert page break at cursor
apple Z Undo an action
apple Y Redo or repeat an action
    Style Commands:
apple B Bold selected text
apple I Italicize selected text
apple U  Underline selected text 
apple [  Decrease highlighted font by 1 pt.
apple ] Increase highlighted font by 1 pt.
    Line Spacing Commands:
apple 1 Set line spacing at 1
apple 2 Set line spacing at 2
apple 3 Set line spacing at 3
    Alignment Commands:
apple R Right align highlighted text
apple L Left align highlighted text
apple E Center highlighted text
apple J Justify highlighted text
apple T Paragraph indent for highlighted text
    Navigation Commands: 
apple Home Takes curser to beginning of document
apple End Takes curser to end of document
apple G Go to a particular page