Identifying Search Terms
For each strategy, a beginning search is described.
Next are directions about where to find more or different search terms.
Following that is a revised and expanded list of search terms that could be used.
 Make a Choice:
Use one of the strategies shown below to help you identify more terms to search with.
Using different terms will enable you to find more information on your topic.  
Strategy 1:  Get ideas from Internet search lists
Strategy 2:  Get ideas from subject headings at the bottom of article descriptions
Strategy 3:  Get ideas from the text of articles
 Strategy 1: Get ideas from Internet search lists
Below are the results from an Internet search for:  date rape (in Google)
By looking through the search results, ideas for new search terms can be found. They are shown in red.
Acquaintance and Date_Rape Resources
Links to articles, agencies, organizations to find help and information concerning date rape and date rape drugs.

"Voices of Courage"
From tragedy to triumph, twelve survivors of sexual assault share!

... This phenomenon is called "acquaintance" or "date" rape.
Date rape is forced, unwanted intercourse with a person you know. ...
Expanded list of search terms, adding those found in the search list:
• date rape   (original search term)
• sexual assualt
• date rape drugs
• acquaintance rape
• forced sex
• unwanted sex
Strategy 2: Get ideas from subject headings at the bottom of article descriptions 
From a FirstSearch (subscription database) article found by searching: election reform
Note: In the search result list, click on the title of the article.
          The descriptors (subject headings) are listed toward the bottom of the description.
Author(s):  Richardson, Nicole Marie
Source:  Black Enterprise 35, no. 10 (May 2005): p. 36

Descriptor: Government agencies
                  Electoral reform
                  Presidential elections 

                  Federal legislation
Expanded list of search terms from article description:
• election reform    (original search term)
• electoral reform
• presidential elections
 Strategy 3:  Get ideas from the text of articles
 From the text of an article found searching:   Obesity  Children   (in FirstSearch)
"The epidemic of pediatric overweight has serious health implications for children now and in the future. Many factors play a role in shaping the dietary and fitness habits of our youth. Parental modeling of appropriate physical activity and nutrition (PAN) behaviors is critical for children's overall health, growth, and development. A close second is the impact of the school environment" (Little 1).               (works cited)
Expanded list of search terms, adding those found in the article's text:
• obesity children    (original search term)
• obesity youth
• pediatric overweight
• dietary habits children
• fitness habits children
• nutrition children
 Works Cited
Little, Deborah M., Beverly R. Howell, and Shannon Williams. "Mississippi Extension Gets Kids Moving." Journal of Family &

     Consumer Sciences Apr 2005: 60-61. PerAbs. OCLC FirstSearch. Web.