Search Record Sample

Choose your major research question.

For your first search, decide on terms and where to search.
Record these on the chart, marking an 'x' showing the search has been done.

As you get ideas of new search terms, record them for future searches.
Sample Research Question: What are some special design characteristics of tennis shoes?
Sample Search Record:      Name: 
Susie Jones     Period:   3    Date: March 26, 2010                
Done Search Terms Used Where Searched Results
  note: Use only key words when
  note:Make helpful comments
 X tennis shoe design  Google  too general
 X  tennis shoe design  PerAbs  1
  X sports shoe features  ArticleFirst  2
  X sport shoe technology  ArticleFirst  none
  X sports shoe technology  Google  too general
  biomechanics shoes
(future search idea)
  sports shoe construction
(future search idea)
  X sports shoe technology  PerAbs  one good
  shoe stability
(future search idea)
  X shoe construction speed  Newsbank  ??
 X  Athletic Shoe  Newsbank  this works!