Research Paper Rubric

Name ________________________

_____  Presentation of Subject (100 points)
·      Do all parts of the paper stay focused on the thesis?
·      Do ideas logically follow each other, demonstrating good organization?
·      Are all points clearly defined, supported well, and objectively presented?
·      Are all parts of the paper clearly explained and unambiguous?
·      Does the paper show evidence of analysis and thought on the part of the student?
_____  Sections of Paper (50 points)
·      Does the introduction present the issue, define key terms, and clearly state the thesis?
·      Does the conclusion restate the thesis, summarize and/or discuss key points, and mention future applications or implications?
·      Are transitions used appropriately throughout the paper?
_____  Style and Sources (50 points)
·      Are quotes incorporated appropriately in the text?
·      Are sources included for information the student would not naturally know?
·      Are all sources credible?
·      Is there an appropriate title?
·      Is accurate MLA format used throughout? (title page, outline, text, works cited)
_____  Mechanics (50 points)
·      Is the paper free from grammatical errors?
·      Are all words spelled correctly?
·      Are a variety of sentence types used?
·      Is the same tense pattern used throughout?
·      Is active voice used throughout?