Working with Pictures in Microsoft WORD
To insert a picture into your document:

a. Drag a picture from a web page and drop it into the document.
b. From the menu bar, choose Insert--Picture.
   Drag over to Clip Art to choose a picture from the Clip Art Gallery or drag over to From File to choose a picture you have saved in your

To resize or rotate the picture:
  pic 1. Click once on the picture to select it.

2. To rotate the picture, click on the green circle above the picture.
    The mouse will look like an arrow.
    Click and hold the mouse while rotating the picture.
Note: You can also click the Rotation arrow under the Size, Rotation, and Ordering setion of 
          the Formatting Palette

3. To resize the picture, click and drag on any of the blue circles/squares on the edge
     of the picture.
    Double click on the picture.  The Format Picture window will open.
    Click SIZE on the left side of the window.
    Under the Size and rotate section, enter an exact width and height for your picture.

To move the picture:
  pic2  1. To move a picture it needs to be formatted.
     Double click on the picture, or from the menu bar click Format--Picture.
     The Format Picture window will open.

2. Click Layout on the left side of the window.

3. Click on one of the dog icons to choose a wrapping style.
    For more options, click on the Advanced button.

4. Click the OK button.

Other options for pictures can be found in the Formatting Palette.
Be sure to select the picture in order to see the correct options.
If you do not see the Formatting Palette, click View--Formatting Palette in the menu bar.