Writing an MLA Paper
 Guidelines for the Paper
Use standard 8-1/2" x 11" white paper
Preferable to print single-sided pages

Top: 1 inch
Bottom: 1 inch
Sides: 1 inch
Margin indent: 1/2 inch (5 spaces)
Indented blocks of text: 1 inch in from left margin (10 spaces)
Running head (your last name and page number) 1/2 down from top margin, flush with right margin

Begin at top left of paper. [The entire heading is double spaced.]
Line 1: Your name

Line 2: Your teacher's name

Line 3: The name and number of your class

Line 4: The date
Susie Jones

Mr. Smith

American Lit

24 Oct. 2007
Begins one line down from the heading
Each important word is capitalized
Entire title is centered
Use the same font and text style as the body of the paper

Use size 12 font
Choose a standard, easily readable font
       Fonts to use: Times; Georgia; Arial; Verdana
       Fonts to avoid: Party LET; Brush Script; Comic Sans

Double space the entire paper
Do not put extra spaces between paragraphs

Page Numbers
Page numbers are added in the header
An outline can be included before the text of the paper and is numbered using itaiicized lower-case Roman numerals
The Works Cited is given the page number immediately following the body of the paper
Example of a Title Page