Thesis Statements
A thesis statement creates a focus for the entire paper.

Use the explanation of good thesis statements (section 1) as a guide as you create your own.
Then evaluate your thesis statement by asking yourself the questions in section 2.
 Section 1: Good thesis statements
 A good thesis statement will:
  • Represent the answer to your main research question
  • Focus on a viewpoint people could disagree about               
  • Inspire a point of view
  • Structure your argument, dictating what will be included               
  • Reflect the full scope of your paper
  • Have 2 general parts:
              1.    the topic
              2.   a position regarding the topic
 Section 2: Is my thesis a good one?
Questions to consider:
  • Does my thesis answer a stimulating question?
  • Is my thesis specific enough?
  • Does my thesis focus on one main idea?
  • Does my thesis avoid my personal feelings?
  • Does my thesis suggest the structure for my paper?
  • Is the language of my thesis clear and specific?