firefox Fix Firefox Open Error Message

On occassion, when opening the browser FIREFOX, an error message displays stating that a copy of Firefox is already open.
To correct this error message:

1. Click on the finder in the dock (first symbol-blue face) or from the finder menu bar click File--New Finder Window. 



2. A finder window will open. Be sure the window is in column view.




3. Next, follow these steps to trash the Firefox folder.

To find the folder, in the first column click the icon for your account (it looks like a house).
In the next column, click the Library folder.
In the next column, click the Application Support folder.
In the next column, click once on the Firefox folder and drag it to the trash. Empty the trash.


4. Open Firefox. An import wizard window may open asking you to choose to import your settings from SAFARI. Click the button next to : Do not
    import anything.

   (You can import from SAFARI, bit it may take a long time).