Double Entry Journal Sample
This is an example of a double entry journal.
Write your notes on the left side and your comments, observations, and ideas for further research on the right.
Make sure you record the author and page number, and give credit to the source
by typing your bibliographic entry at the bottom in the Working Bibliography section.
Sample: Notes about Population Control

Name:  John Doe
Teacher:  Smith
Class:  Social Studies
Date:  25 Sept. 2009
Notes Your Comments

"The prospects for development and alleviation of poverty in the Philippines will remain poor unless the country's spiraling population growth can be brought under control warned a report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)"

Catholic church -- against pop. control

Philippines: highest growth rate in the region

                                                              (Easton 1687)
I didn't realize that the Philippines had a population problem.

find out more about Catholic church position

rich people -- donating money to help with population growth

Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates.

                                                               (Kabbany 39)
I wonder why they feel they need to do this?

US & industrialized countries -- easy access to birth control

"That opportunity must be extended to the developing countries if they are to avoid aggravating the social, economic and environmental difficulties from which they already suffer."

                                                               (Wahren 34)
I wonder what kinds of contraceptives they have available?

look it up

"If we Americans behave in Iraq as we behave in other countries, upon Baghdad's surrender we will fly in teams of population controllers and 'gender advisers,'" Mosher continues. "They will inaugurate programs which will subject Iraqi children, especially girls, to graphic sex education programs. They will stock Iraqi medical clinics with condoms and contraceptives. They will further insist that family planning (population control) programs be in place, warning that the penalty for noncompliance will be a denial of additional aid, even in the form of loans from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund."

                                                        ("Population control" 5)
Low opinion of US strategies, that's for sure. Do we really do this?

find out about 'gender advisors'
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