Excel: Creating a Chart/Graph
 Note: One of the most important things about creating charts and graphs is to enter your data correctly on the spreadsheet.
           You must also choose the right type of graph for your data.
           The following link may help you decide. (On the site, look under Create a Chart in the Create a chart column)
 1. Open an EXCEL document.

2. Select the data that you will be using for the chart/graph.



3. From the menu bar, select Insert - Chart.

4. From the Elements Gallery choose the kind of chart/graph group you want (such as bar or pie).

5. Next, choose a chart type by clicking one of the chart type buttons.




6. The chart/graph will appear on your spreadsheet.

7. To move the chart/graph, click in the white area of the chart/graph and drag it.

8. To change the title, click on it once. Then higlight the title and make your changes.

9. Other changes can be made to the chart/table by selecting the chart/table item then using the Format or Chart commands in the menu bar. (The Formatting Palette can also be used).