Creating a conclusion for your project
The conclusion should reflect what you have presented about the topic.
It is a final analysis, knowing that the reader or listener
has all the information you have provided.
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 What to include in your conclusion
Purpose of the conclusion: to give your project a sense of completeness.

Keep in mind :  The conclusion is often what the listener or reader remembers best.   

In your conclusion, do the following:
  • re-state your thesis               
  • re-emphasize why your points are important               
  • make brief concluding remarks about the points you made
  • state results, consequences, a call to action, or perhaps a warning             
  • show how all your points fit together
  • show how your information has importance to the world
  • suggest possible future considerations               
  • make a strong, definite final statement
 What to avoid in your conclusion
 In your conclusion, DO NOT do the following:
  • bring up new information or ideas               
  • make a statement  that is not supported or backed up
  • downplay points you made earlier              
 Links to more information
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