Microsoft Excel  - Separating Data in a Cell (Parsing)
To split cell contents into several parts (for example: first name and last name)
                                                                           See the example to the right:

1. First, make a new column for the data after it is separated. Click the column header (B, C, etc.) to the right of the column you wish to parse (separate).

2. Click the Insert menu. Drag down and select Columns. A new column appears (column B in the example below).
parse1 parse4



3. Click the column header (A, B, C, etc.) of the cell you wish to separate (column A in this example).

4. Click the Data menu. Drag down and select Text to Columns. A data wizard window appears.
parse4 parse3

5. In the Original data type section, click the button next to Delimited.

6. Click the Next button.

7. In the Delimiters section of the window for Step 2, check the box next to the item that shows what separates the data you are parsing. In this example, a space separates the first and last names.

8. In the window for Step 3, click each column in the Data preview section near the bottom of the window. Then click the button next to the data format type (general, text, etc.) in the Column data format section. If you are not sure of the format, do not click any buttons for column data format.

9. If the data in the Data preview section looks correct, click the Finish button.
parse7 parse5

11. Type a heading label for the new column.
parse8 parse6
                                Before                                              After