WORD: Adding AutoShapes to your document
 1. To add Autoshapes to your document, first open a WORD document.

    Next, be sure the drawing toolbar (View--Toolbars--Drawing) is open.
2. Click the AutoShapes icon. autoshapeicon

3. Select a shape from the dropdown menu.

(Or from the menu bar click Insert--Picture--AutoShapes, then select an object from the AutoShapes window).

4. Move the mouse to the document and notice that the mouse changes to a crossbar.
    Click and drag the the mouse to form the shape.

5. The size and shape of the object can be changed by dragging one of the handles (small blue circle/square on the edge of the shape).

6. To add text inside the shape, press the control key and click once on the shape. Choose Add Text from the dropdown menu.
    A flashing cursor will appear inside the object. Type the text.
autoshape1 autoshape2

7. Further changes can be made to the Autoshape by using the Formatting Palette.
    Be sure to select the autoshape to get the correct options.
    If you do not see the Formatting Palette, click View--Formatting Palette from the menu bar.