Microsoft Word: AutoFormat
What AutoFormat can do:

• Makes Internet addresses and email addresses into hyperlinks after you press Enter

• Replaces 2 hyphens (--) with a solid dash

• Creates a numbered list after you type a number followed by a period, a space and text-then hit enter

• After a sentence and period, capitalizes the first word of the next sentence

• When you start an outline, it automatically gives the next numbers/letters and sets the spacing -- it also re-numbers when you insert a line

• Replaces ordinals (1st, 2nd) with superscript
How to Turn AutoFormat On or Off

1. Go to Format -- AutoFormat.
2. Click the Options button.


3. The AutoFormat Options window opens..

4. Click to add a checkmark to the box next to the options you DO want.

5. Click a checked box to remove the check mark next to options you do NOT

6. Click the OK button, then click the OK button in the AutoFormat window