The philosophy of the District Internship Program is incorporated in its mission and vision statements:

District Internship Program Mission Statement
To appropriately identify students who have reached a point in their life and career planning where they are ready, willing, and able to explore a career in greater detail. 

District Internship Program Vision Statements

Includes students who:

  • seek outlets for pursuing their passions
  • advocate appropriately on their own behalf
  • participate in making decisions and successfully solving problems
  • influence the community in a positive manner
  • fully explore and consider the extent of their career development and college options
  • become well-informed and remain open-minded

Includes employers who:

  • think beyond traditional limitations
  • serve as inspirational role-models for students
  • grow professionally in order to best serve students

Includes parents who:

  • support their child’s efforts to pursue his/her passions
  • nurture their child’s academic, career, and social/emotional development
  • advocate for career development
  • encourage their child to be well-rounded

Includes a coordinator who:

  • effectively uses resources to directly benefit students, whenever possible
  • monitors feedback from students and parents regarding current practices and programming for students
  • advertises existing and create worthwhile supplemental learning experiences for students
  • investigates systemic changes in the district which could benefit students

Includes a district that:

  • recognizes that nontraditional measures of student success are often the best indicators of learning for students
  • seeks to offer appropriate academic opportunities for students beyond the classroom
  • is aware that the principle measure of student success is a comparison of a student’s performance against his/her own capabilities

Read more about the value of real-world work experiences here, in a blog written by Lazaro Lopez, District 214 Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.