66840/66850 Aviation Academy

Aviation Academy Application – 2018-19 – Application Deadline 2/1/2018

The Aviation Academy was developed due to the strong demand for highly qualified aviation professionals and the numerous regional opportunities for careers in the aviation industry.  Aviation Academy recruits D214 students interested in pursuing a career in aviation and ensures they are highly qualified for positions within our own community and throughout the aviation world.

The Aviation Academy is a two course program open to highly motivated seniors from any District 214 high school who are seriously interested in a career in aviation, and ready for college level academic rigor. The course receives honors credit, as well as dual credit through Lewis University.   Acceptance in the Aviation Academy requires that you have a block of time available to participate in the offsite program. It is anticipated that Aviation Academy will meet the last three periods of school every day at an offsite location.

As this is an off campus program, this completed application, student transcript, attendance, and discipline records may be considered for program acceptance.

Aviation Academy Flyer 

Aviation Academy Application -- 2018-19



09861/09862 Medical Science Academy


The Medical Academy is available for students who are extremely committed to pursuing a career in the field of medicine and have the knowledge, skill, dedication, and spirit that will be required to engage in a very rigorous and challenging authentic learning experience.

The Medical Science Academy is a two credit, full year course open to highly motivated juniors and seniors, from any District 214 High School, who are seriously interested in a career in medicine and ready for college level academic rigor. This program involves accompanying medical professionals two mornings (7:30am - 9:30am) a week at Glenbrook Hospital, and participating in classroom activities at PHS the remaining three mornings. Students rotate through various departments at the hospital, usually for 5-6 weeks each. Classroom assessment is based on tests, quizzes, papers, journals, discussions of professional research, lab practicals, powerpoint presentations and group participations in research activities. Hospital evaluations are based on feedback from the various rotations. Students must have excellent attendance, be highly motivated, hard working, able to participate in group activities, be leaders as well as followers, and willing to spend 2 1/2 hours every morning in the program.



09981/09982 Education Academy

***Preview Ed Academy Application Here***

Education Academy Application – 2018-19 – Application Deadline 2/1/2018

Program Contact
Ms. Linda Thorson – linda.thorson@d214.org, 847-718-5904

The Township High School 214 Education Academy is a highly competitive program offered to senior student applicants interested in a career in education and capable of the rigors of college level academia. Once accepted, these Education Academy student teachers learn and perform curriculum-based activities on-site in a classroom setting at a local school three days per week.  Students rotate through 5 different educational settings (special ed, ELL, elementary, junior high and high school) in order to gain a broad perspective on different educational opportunities.  The remaining two days of the school week are spent in a teacher education class at Rolling Meadows High School.

Education Academy Flyer 

Education Academy Application -- 2018-19