The Academic Handbook is published annually to give students, parents, and staff the information needed to plan and manage each student’s success in high school. A successful high school experience is the outcome of knowing what is required, careful selection and sequencing of courses, and awareness of important academic policies and procedures. Counselors, administrators, and teachers stand ready to help students develop plans and make decisions. Students, however, must assume the greatest responsibility for their success in high school since they give spirit and direction to their development and choose where and how to use their effort and talent.

Section I of the Academic Handbook contains district-wide academic policies, procedures and practices, and general information that is important to the academic planning process. Section II is a catalog of all Board of Education approved courses offered at High School District 214 educational sites. 

AcrobatPDF36x36 2021-2022 Academic Handbook

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An additional informational tool High School District 214 has created is the Career Pathway Booklet, a supplemental resource to the academic handbook which focuses on the alignment of curriculum, extra curricular opportunities, and external career experiences to the 16 nationally recognized career clusters.  This supplement has been designed to serve as a communication and planning tool between staff, students, and families to aid students in self-identifying and preparing for their post-secondary plans.

AcrobatPDF36x36 2018-2019 Career Pathways Booklet