Students are assigned to the high school which is within the same attendance area as their residence.

*Illinois Transfer Process

Section 2-3.13@ of the Illinois School Code request Illinois public schools to verify whether the student is "in good standing" and whether or not his/her medical needs are up-to-date and complete.

Public school districts are not required to admit new students unless the transferring student provides a completed form (ISBE 33-78) from their prior Illinois public school district. NOTE: Out of state or private school students are exempt from this legislation and a transfer student cannot be excluded from enrolling in the Illinois district of residence due to a suspension or expulsion in a previous Illinois school district. Obtain forms from school administration.


A student must reside in the High School District 214 attendance area in order to be entitled to a tuition-free education in the district. A student is presumed to be a resident if he/she lives with a natural parent who maintains a full-time home in the district. The student is also presumed to be a resident if he/she lives with a legal guardian, or is under the physical custody and control of an adult resident, so long as the guardianship and/or living arrangement is not maintained solely for the purpose of obtaining a free education in district schools.

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In extenuating circumstances, a student or parent/guardian may submit a Petition for Student Residency. These petitions will be reviewed by the District Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, and the school Assistant Principal for Student Services. These petitions will only be approved in extreme situations and cannot be approved if it is determined that the sole purpose for establishing residency is to obtain a free education in district schools.


All applicants of non-residents for enrollment in High School District 214 schools are referred to the Board of Education for approval, unless such admission is covered by a previous cooperative agreement. All non-resident students shall pay tuition charges as provided for in the Illinois State Code. The cost of tuition will be 100 percent of the student per capita cost. For more information, contact the District Assistant Superintendent for Student Services at 847-718-7657.


Students who become non-residents during the school year may complete that school year without a tuition charge. However, transportation will be the responsibility of the student. The student must attend school in their new district of residence beginning the next school year.


Students who shift residence from one attendance area to another within High School District 214 have the option of continuing at their current school or enrolling in the school in their new attendance area. Students who elect to attend the school in their new attendance area are expected to remain at that school. Students who elect to attend their current school may, at a later date, transfer to the school in their new attendance area.

If the student elects to remain at their current school, transportation is the responsibility of parents/guardians or student.

Siblings of students electing to remain in the original high school of attendance will need to attend the District 214 school in which the new residence is located.

This policy does not apply to students who are transferred to a new school because of High School District 214 modifications in school attendance areas. Other exceptions to school attendance area restrictions may be made. For more information, contact the school Principal or the District Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, 847-718-7657.

* Mandated Information I.S.B.E.