District Administration

Dr Dave Schuler Dr. Dave Schuler Superintendent
Cathy Johnson Cathy Johnson Associate Superintendent for Finance and Operations
Kurt Laakso Kurt Laakso Associate Superintendent for Human Resources
Dr. Lazaro Lopez Dr. Lazaro Lopez Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
Marni Johnson Marni Johnson Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
Ted Birren Ted Birren Director of Operations
ErinBrooks150x226 Erin Brooks Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Outreach
Executive Director District 214 Education Foundation
Christine Frole Christine Frole Director of Food and Nutrition
Gabriella Stetz-Jackson Gabriella Stetz Jackson Assistant Director of Professional Learning
Sherry Koerner Sherry Koerner Director of Business Services
MatthewLiberatore150x226 Matt Liberatore Director of Professional Learning & Student Services
PatrickMogge150x226_2016 Patrick Mogge Director of Community Engagement and Outreach and Director of Community Education
Krista Paul Krista Paul Assistant Director of Career and Technical Education
Mary Kay Pawlak Mary Kay Pawlak Comptroller
Angela Sisi Angela Sisi Director of Language Development
Jeffrey Smith Jeffrey Smith Director of Research and Evaluation
Dan Weidner Dan Weidner Director of Career and Technical Education
Dr. Marcella Reca Zipp Dr. Marcella Reca Zipp Director of Grants and Special Programs