• Wheeling High School Summer Athletic Camps 2021
    Township High School District 214
    Registration Begins Monday, May 3, 2021
    Registration Deadline, Without Late Fee, Friday, June 4, 2021

    Participant Eligibility

    Anyone who is a resident of Township High School District 214 and is of high school age may participate in the Summer Athletic Program (SAP). Grade/age level is often designated in the title or description of each camp/class. Grade level is defined as the grade the student will enter in the coming fall. We are sorry, but no camps will be available this summer for non-high school students.

    Camp Calendar/Schedule Camps may meet Monday through Thursday. Individual camps that meet during the summer school day should not span both semesters of summer school. Check the District website for specific information. 

    June 21 to July 29, 2021

    Monday – Thursday

    Registration - Students register online and pay with a credit card. Those students who choose to pay by either check or cash must do so in the Student Activities or Athletics office at the school where the camp is being held.

    Tuition & Fees - Checks should be made payable to the school sponsoring the camp.

    Registration Fee per camp (nonrefundable): $22.00 

    Administration Fee (per contact hour) $ 0.25 

    Camp Tuition (per contact hour) $ 3.31

    *Late Fee per registrant (nonrefundable after midnight 5/28/21) $10.00 

    Additional Fees by Camp - Shirts, League & Other Fees Variable

    *Without exception, students who register after Friday, June 4, 2021 will be charged the late fee.

    Needs revisions: Fee Waiver - Only students who have qualified for the free and reduced lunch program are eligible for a waiver or reduction in camp tuition. Students qualifying for free lunch will have tuition waived (not fees), while students qualifying for reduced lunch will receive a 505 reduction in tuition (not fees). All students must pay in full the registration fee and other camp fees (shirt, league, and other).


    All tuition and fees are refunded if camp is canceled by District 214.
    All tuition and fees are refunded upon presentation of a signed doctor’s note. The refund is prorated (by contact hour) based upon the date of the doctor’s note.
    There is no refund for absence due to vacations, etc.
    There is no refund after the passage of 1/2 of the scheduled contact hours of the camp.
    There is no refund for sessions canceled or time lost due to inclement weather.

    Transportation - There is no transportation provided for SAP participants.

    Cancellation Hotline - Each school will set up a cancellation/information hotline. The District 214 heat/humidity and lightning guidelines will be strictly enforced and followed. Sessions canceled due to bad weather will not be rescheduled.

    Insurance- Students are responsible for their own medical insurance coverage.

    For More Information Call 
    Norma Rothers, 847-718-7020
    Summer Camp Coordinator/Supervisor