90 District 214 Students Selected To Participate in 2015 ILMEA Music Festivals

Ninety accomplished students from High School District 214 schools have been selected to participate in the 2015 Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) District VII Music Festivals this month.

Each fall, thousands of students from across the state audition to participate in one of nine district ILMEA music ensembles. Only the best from each district are chosen to participate.

The audition process included sight-reading, knowledge of rhythms, scales and melody, prepared pieces and musical interpretation.

Band, choir and orchestra students will participate at the ILMEA Senior Concert festival at 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 7 at Glenbrook South High School.

The ILMEA Jazz students will perform at the Senior Jazz Festival on Saturday, Nov. 21 beginning at 1 p.m. at Niles West High School

Both events are open to the public. Tickets are available at the door for each concert for $5. Senior citizens and children under 12 are free.  

Under the direction of top music educators, these gifted musicians from Buffalo Grove, Elk Grove, John Hersey, Prospect, Rolling Meadows and Wheeling high schools will showcase their talents alongside other outstanding students.

District 214 students include:

Buffalo Grove High School:

Orchestra – senior Lindsay Sander (Violin); Band – freshman Janelle Finton (Trumpet) and senior Emily Valentin (Alto Saxophone); Jazz Band I – freshman Janelle Finton (Trumpet) and senior Emily Valentin (Saxophone); Jazz Band II – junior Chris Pecoraro (Electric Bass); Jazz Band III – junior Anthony Sorgani (Tenor Saxophone); Chorus – junior Jake Hackl (Bass) and senior Katie Altieri (Alto); Vocal Jazz Ensemble I – sophomore Henry Allan (Tenor) and junior Jake Hackl (Bass); Vocal Jazz Ensemble II – freshman Lidija Babic (Alto) and senior Carter Weiss (Bass).  

Elk Grove High School:

Orchestra – freshman Tomoko Sakurayama (Viola); Band – junior Matthew Jarosch (Trombone); Jazz Band I – junior Matthew Jarosch (Trombone); Jazz Band IV – junior Lukas Augustaitis (Trombone); Chorus – sophomores Sheldon Adams (Tenor II) and Aaron Mejorada (Tenor I), juniors Matthew Jarosch (Bass I) and Alexa Williams (Alto I), seniors Jordan Barth (Tenor I), Elizabeth Bauer (Soprano II), Evan Hatfield (Bass II), Vanessa Leon (Soprano I), Jordan Niebuhr (Alto II) and Kathryn Riopel (Soprano II); Vocal Jazz I – seniors Taylor Matos (Alto) and Jordan Niebuhr (Alto); Vocal Jazz II – sophomores Sheldon Adams (Tenor) and Aaron Mejorada (Tenor), junior Matthew Jarosch (Bass) and seniors Evan Hatfield (Bass) and Katie Skoufes (Alto).

John Hersey High School:

Orchestra – sophomores Mariana Bednarek (Cello) and Amy Zhang (Violin), senior Erin Fitzgerald (Double Bass); Band – freshman Nick Nocita (Bassoon), sophomore Chris Sable (French Horn), juniors Sachina Hobo (Bb Clarinet), Jake Lukawski (Bb clarinet), James Popp (Percussion) and Michael Wostmann (Oboe), seniors Peyton Heune (Percussion), Robert Liesz (Tuba), Adam Johnson (Trumpet), Yuki Nojima (Trumpet), Brendan Stonequist (Bass Clarinet); Jazz Band I – senior Yuki Nojima (Trumpet); Jazz Band II – junior Aidan Burke (Guitar) and senior Adam Johnson (Trumpet); Jazz Band III – sophomore James Rodriguez (Trombone); Jazz Band IV – senior Dj Meyers (Bass Trombone); Chorus – sophomore  Michael Lyskawka (Tenor II), juniors Ashley Boldt (Soprano II), Hannah Mulroe (Alto II) and Samantha Taylor (Soprano II), seniors Jayne Diliberto (Soprano I) and Eric Solberg (Bass I).

Prospect High School:

Orchestra – junior Nickolas Konstantinou (Violin); Band – juniors Matthew Gordon (Euphonium), Adam Mead (Trumpet) and Emma Simon (Bassoon), seniors Megan DelSignore (Flute), Lillian Hermes (Bass Clarinet) and Peter Hong (Clarinet); Jazz Band – junior Adam Mead (Trumpet); Chorus – seniors

Martin Brablec (Baritone), Mila Diaz (Alto), Olivia Karnes (Alto), Geoffrey Perkins (Bass) and John Tworek (Bass); Vocal Jazz – senior Mila Diaz (Alto).

Rolling Meadows High School:

Orchestra Winds – senior Wesley Carroll (Trumpet); Orchestra Strings – freshman Andrew Vaughan (Bass) and sophomore Colin Priller (Viola, Assistant Principal); Concert Band – junior Kailynn Muhr (Trumpet) and senior Martin Czernicki (Tuba); Jazz Band I – senior Wesley Carroll (Trumpet); Jazz Band III –  junior Kailynn Muhr (Trumpet) and senior Martin Czernicki (Trombone); Chorus – sophomores Phil Heck (Tenor II) and Natalie Stahl (Alto I); junior Kailynn Muhr (Alto I), seniors Wesley Carroll (Tenor I), Danielle Ponsot (Alto II) and Jacob Rosenberg (Bass II).

Wheeling High School:

Orchestra – sophomore Dheya Pio (Cello) and senior Teresa Correa (Viola); Band – sophomore Daniel Lopez (Flute), juniors Nikolas Buzinskis (Clarinet), Lewis Monaxios (Tenor Sax), Vijay Nellutla (Tenor Sax), Sean Ryan (Tuba), seniors Anthony Gonzalez (Trombone), Tiffany Nop (Flute), Erika Pogorzelska (Baritone Sax), Patrick Ryan (Trumpet) and Erick Vaquero (Euphonium); Jazz Band Combo – junior Lewis Monaxios (Alto Sax), seniors Jacob Bachorski (Bass), Anthony Gonzalez (Trombone) and Paul Wagner (Tenor Sax); Jazz Band I – seniors Bryan Marban (Bass Trombone) and Patrick Ryan (Trumpet); Jazz Band II – freshman Morgan Tadish (Trombone), sophomore Jon Musto (Alto Sax) and junior Matthew Hoffman (Piano); Jazz Band III – junior Eric Kron (Trumpet); Jazz Band IV – sophomore Jackson Kaprak (Alto Sax); Chorus – junior Gillian Garnowski (Soprano) and senior Jack Raimondi (Bass); Vocal Jazz – junior Gillian Garnowski (Soprano)

District 214's band directors are Ed Jacobi, Jr. (Buffalo Grove), Ron Fiorito, Jr. (Elk Grove), Scott Casagrande (John Hersey), Tom Beckwith (John Hersey), Chris Barnum (Prospect), Christopher Buti (Rolling Meadows) and Brian Logan (Wheeling.)

The District's choral directors Debora Utley (Buffalo Grove), Sarah Catt (Elk Grove), Sara Michael (John Hersey) Caitlyn Walsh (Rolling Meadows), Jennifer Troiano (Prospect) and Stephen Colella (Wheeling).

The District's orchestra directors are Elizabeth Bennett (Buffalo Grove), Maura Brown (Elk Grove), Joshua Stewart (John Hersey), Kevin Carroll (Rolling Meadows), Peter Weber (Prospect High School) and Sarah Struebing (Wheeling).

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