Tuition Reimbursement Program for Administrators and Supervisors

TIP Online Application

Target dates for 2014/15 school year:

Summer '14 Courses (courses ending after last day of school and before start of following year)

  • Submit Online PDF Applications----4/14/14 to 5/2/14
  • Responses to Staff----5/16/14

Fall '14 Courses (courses ending before last day of 1st semester)

  • Submit Online PDF Applications ----8/25/14 to 9/12/14
  • Responses to Staff----9/26/14

Winter/Spring '15 Courses (courses ending after last day of 1st semester and before last day of school)

  • Submit Online PDF Applications ----1/5/15 to 1/23/15
  • Responses to Staff----2/6/15


General Information

Several years ago the Board of Education established the Administrative/ Supervisory Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) as part of the Administrator and Supervisor Compensation and Benefit Plan. This plan is designed to enhance leadership in District 214 by providing tuition assistance in areas which are of mutual benefit to administrators/supervisors and to the District. Leadership people who are continuously learning and growing are more likely to be able to meet the changing needs of our students and staff.

One important option for learning is the college credit course. We believe that it benefits both District 214 and individual staff members to provide a tuition incentive program for staff who are taking courses which match District priorities for growth and change. The Administrator/Supervisor Tuition Incentive Program supports this belief and is governed by the following guidelines.

We would be pleased to answer questions or assist you in other ways as you complete the application. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance by calling Toni Pytel in the Professional Learning Office at 718-7734.


  1. Any administrative or supervisory staff member may apply for support through the Administrative/Supervisory Tuition Incentive Program (TIP).
  2. Courses or programs proposed for reimbursement must match the District 214 priorities for growth and change which have been established by the Administrative/Supervisory Tuition Incentive Program Committee. The priorities are listed below for your information. The topics listed under each priority illustrate the types of courses which will be supported this year. These topics will be reviewed each year. 

District Priorities

Courses proposed for reimbursement must match the District 214 priorities for growth and change which have been established by the Administrative/ Supervisory Tuition Incentive Program Committee. The topics listed under each priority illustrate the types of courses which will be supported this year.

Leadership Topics

  • School Restructuring, School Improvement Planning, Educational Change
  • Staff Development, Collaborative Leadership via Professional Learning Community, Systems Focus
  • Instructional Supervision, Instructional Technology, Curriculum Development, Improved Student Achievement
  • Assessment/Testing, Learning Theory, Instructional Leadership
  • Team Building, Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Critical Managerial Topics

  • Leadership Training, Program Management, Planning, Evaluation
  • Technology, Human Relations Skills, Communication Skills, Problem Solving
  • Updating of Skills in One's Field


In this category, we will consider knowledge or skill courses which would enhance the administrator's or supervisor's understanding of our changing student demographics and/or ability to address multicultural needs with sensitivity and skill.

Program Guidelines

  1. TIP will be administered by a committee consisting of one member of the district administrative staff development committee, one member appointed by the Supervisor's Group, and two members appointed by the Superintendent. (Kurt Laakso, Steven Kellner and Rosemary Pinnick)
  2. The TIP Committee will be responsible for determining elgibility and program priorities each year.
  3. The TIP budget will be established by the Board of Education each year. (The 2013/2014 budget is $22,500.)
  4. Tuition will be reimbursed at a rate of up to 75% of tuition (exclusive of fees), not to exceed $600 per semester hour of credit.

TIP Application and Approval Process
  1. Each TIP applicant will complete an online application.
  2. Please send a course description to Professional Learning attached to a copy of your TIP Application. Failure to attach detailed course descriptions could result in reimbursement being denied.
  3. Upon submission of your application, a copy should be printed for you to retain.
  4. The TIP committee will review each tuition reimbursement application in relation to the abovementioned district priorities. The committee will then approve the proposal, return it with suggested revisions, or deny approval.
  5. Tuition support may be granted for up to six (6) semester hours of credit per semester and up to twelve (12) semester hours in the summer, taken at fully accredited colleges or universities.
  6. Online (internet) courses are eligible for approval. A course syllabus will be required to make sure the course falls under the new online guidelines that were implemented Fall, 2013.
  7. Independent study courses, video courses, teleconference courses, and correspondence courses are not funded if there are not regular class meetings and there is no ongoing interaction with an instructor.
  8. Practicums, internships, dissertation study, and thesis hours are not funded.

TIP Reimbursement Process

  1. Both an itemized tuition receipt, showing the cost of tuition without fees or books, and a copy of an official grade report must be submitted for reimbursement. A grade of "B" or higher must be obtained to receive reimbursement.
  2. Tuition reimbursement will be contingent upon successful course completion and documentation.


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