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Department of Professional Learning

The Department of Professional Learning Mission is for all members to plan and actively participate in a variety of experiences that will lead to continued professional growth and renewal.  Our primary mission is to promote the continuous improvement of district staff and increase student achievement.

Department of Professional Learning Services Include:

1. Planning for Training Needed to Meet School, District, and Staff Professional Goals
              Institute Day Planning
              School Improvement Process
              Late Arrival Days
              Special Conferences
              Strategic Planning
              Building Staff Development Program Coordination and Planning
              Organizational Development


2. Dissemination of Professional Resources

  Distribution of resources about Quality Improvement Programs
Department of Professional Learning Internet Web page
Distribution of Resources about Best Practices
Professional Development Library at Forest View Educational Center linked by SIRSI


3. Support for Professional Growth


Professional Development Fund (PDF) for Certified Staff
Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) for Educational Support Personnel (ESP)
Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) for Administrators and Supervisors
Administrator Academy/Administrative Professional Development Program
Local Workshops, Conferences and Training
Administrator/Supervisor Internship and Mentorship Program (AIM)
Teacher Re-certification Program
Induction and Mentor Program for Certified and Classified Staff, Administrators, and Supervisors
Internal University
Content Area Masters Cohorts

4. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Staff Development Activities and Programs


Action Research
Portfolio Development
Teacher Effectiveness Surveys
Professional Development Needs Assessments
District Quality Improvement Assessment

5. Designing, Conducting, and Facilitating Training Activities


Safety and Welfare Training Program
Ongoing Training Workshops
Summer Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Program Development Workshops
Meeting Facilitation
Job-embedded Training and Support
Educational Support Personnel (ESP) Job-alike Meetings, Workshops, and Bi-Annual Conference
Certified Staff Annual Conference
Articulation with Sender Schools
Consultation for School Improvement Teams
Training of Trainers
Cocurricular Staff Development
Focus Groups
Blended Online Courses

6. Staff Development Center

  Assistance with Meeting, Workshop, and Conference Planning for In/Out-of-district Groups
State-of-the-art Conference Facilities and Technology Support
Professional Development Resource Library
Technology Training Labs


Priority Training Areas

The Department of Professional Learning Program will provide professional development opportunities and training in the following high-priority areas:



1. Innovative Structures and Services


Participatory Decision Making
Planning for Continuous Quality Improvement
Professional Learning Community Implementation


2. Positive Relationships


Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
Conflict Resolution

3. Engaged Learning


Multicultural Awareness,Curriculum Planning, and Instruction
Technology Integration
Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences/Brain Research
Differentiating Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms
Performance-Based Instruction and Assessment
Teaching in Extended-Time Blocks
Integrated/Interdisciplinary Curriculum
Cooperative Learning
Reading Improvement
Writing Improvement
Critical and Creative Thinking Skills and Processes
School-to-Work/Life and Career Planning
Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas
Social Emotional Learning
Problem-based Learning
Content-specific Strategies and Practices
Data-driven Instructional Design and Delivery
Assessment Literacy

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